10 Tips To Lose The Last 5kg

If you're struggling to lose those last 5kg, don't worry - we got you covered. These 10 tips will help you reach your weight goals in no time.
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You’ve worked hard to lose weight and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But that light weighs about 5kg and just won’t budge.

For so many mums, it is tough to lose the last 5kg to get to their goal weight (whether that’s pre-baby weight or another goal they have chosen). Really tough.

For some reason, our bodies seem to want to hold onto that last 5kg as a bit of a security blanket.

Lauren has lost 15kgs

Lose the last 5kg with these simple tips!

We have some tips that might just help. A lot of them may be common sense, but others you might see as being quite strict.

But that’s OK because it may only be a few weeks that you need to be so tough on yourself before you see results and hit maintenance mode.

  • Get strict – while you may not be into counting calories, you might just find that when you work out your BMI and the corresponding daily calorie recommendation you are overconsuming each day. Every little bit helps, so why not spend just a few weeks counting calories until you are confident that you are eating the right amount? And get our Calorie Bible here
  • Start swapping – so eggs and spinach instead of toast or cereal; try using 50:50 water and milk in your Healthy Mummy Smoothies; fill your plate with veggies and salad instead of rice or pasta; use lettuce or cabbage as ‘wraps’ instead of sandwiches.
  • Up the protein – ensure that you are eating enough protein in your meals and snacks. This helps you to feel fuller for longer and gets your metabolism firing. Think nuts, LSA, boiled eggs, poached chicken, natural peanut butter, tofu. Grab some Healthy Mummy protein powder with 26g of protein per serving here!
  • Cut back on the treats – if you are really trying everything, then why not go for it and try really cutting back your treats for a few weeks. It might mean all the difference, so it is worth a go if you think you can manage it.
  • Say no to alcohol for a while – even the odd glass of wine adds up in terms of calories. And with no nutritional value, it could be a quick and easy way to see results.
  • Mix up your repertoire – our bodies get used to the same old same old.
  • Stay focused – one day at a time is all we can do. Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week. So if you have a slip-up, dust yourself off and remember that tomorrow is another day closer to your goal.
  • Get support try chatting to a friend or other mum who has lost weight. Pick their brain and see if they have any insight for you about anything you are missing or not doing. Jump onto the Healthy Mummy Facebook group and be inspired by the mums, advice and stories on the page
  • Boost your metabolism – get your insides to do all the work. Fire up your metabolism, and the calories will burn themselves. Read our top picks for metabolism-boosting foods. Try The Healthy Mummy Metabolism Support Tabletsformulated to contain nutrients involved in energy production and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body.
  • Move, move, move – for some people, a daily walk and some weekly strength training is enough to see great results. For others, you might need to get more of a sweat on to see the benefit. Try alternating your walks with jogging or a light run. Increase your strength training as this helps to build muscle which means you will burn more calories even from your daily movements. Need a bit more inspiration? Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge with daily full-length workouts, or choose from hundreds of unique workout videos ranging from post-partum to advanced with HIIT, Tabata, DanceFit, Yoga and more!

Get back to basics and lose the last 5kg with these resources

And here are some really useful links and resources to help you refocus and get back to basics

  • Work out your BMR so you know how many calories your own individual body needs. As you lose weight, your calories need to decrease so it is important to re-calculate and adjust accordingly. Use our BMR calculator.
  • If you haven’t yet joined up to our FREE member’s area, register here so you have your own private dashboard to log your weight, measurements, exercise and BMI so you can visually see your progress.
  • Snacking is essential for energy levels and for boosting your metabolism – see our healthy snack recipes.
  • Are the scales not giving you the results you want – 10 reasons you may not have lost weight.

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