12 tips to stay healthy in December

With the festive season literally around the corner, you've no doubt got invites coming out of your ears! This is how one mum stays healthy in December.
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With the festive season literally around the corner, you’ve no doubt got Christmas parties and BBQ invites coming out of your ears!

But you don’t need to shy away from the celebrations, you can STILL enjoy them in a healthy way.

Robyn Jurd has lost 25kg* by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, but she says she can easily still be a Healthy Mummy at Christmas.

Here’s how Robyn does it…

“This will be my 3rd Christmas as a Healthy Mummy. I love that the Healthy Mummy is a lifestyle, it’s not a diet for me and I am still going to keep that up over the Christmas period,” says Robyn.

Robyn’s 12 tips for staying Healthy over the holidays

1. Watch your portions

We’ve all been guilty of having more than one serve of dessert at one point or another. Robyn thinks portion control is the answer to this, “I will be mindful of what I am eating and how much.”

2. Maintain togetherness

“Play backyard cricket or go on the slip and slide, jump in the pool. The kids will love it and you’re staying active.” This is a great idea as school holidays are just around the corner.

3. Stay active

“Combine the holidays with being active as a family, go for a walk together or down to the beach for an afternoon swim.”

4. Stay in a routine

Try to still make time for exercise. We understand that with December can often come chaos, as party invites are slipping into your inbox more frequently, try to maintain your pre December exercise routine. “It’s part of my lifestyle now. Last year I did  a park run in reindeer ears on Christmas Eve!”


5. Set yourself a goal

“Mine is to keep up my water intake and still exercise like I normally would.” A great idea to keep yourself feeling fulfilled.

6. Plan ahead

If you often travel over the December holidays, planning snacks and meal ideas ahead is key. “I’m making Smoothies to have on the go.”

7. Prepare for December parties

Cover yourself and offer to bring a dish to your next December gathering, ensuring it meets your needs. “Prawns are a must at our family gatherings, so I made rice paper rolls from the recipe hub.”


8. Watch your alcohol intake

December, as fun as it is, also comes with festive parties which usually comes with alcohol. Robyn thinks it’s ok
to have a few drinks but try to opt for healthier options like a wine spritzer or a lower calorie cocktail.

9. Keep hydrated

Frequent water intake helps to stop over eating and keeps you ready to take on any December challenge.

10. Meal plan

Work to put your Christmas menu together in advance, this can help you stay on track and stay prepared if something comes up. “The Southwest Chicken Salad was on our menu a lot last year, light refreshing and delicious!”


11. Most importantly have fun!

December is a time for family and special memories so remember to not be too strict or hard on yourself if you slip up from time to time. Robyn thinks ‘everything in moderation’ is a great rule to live by.

12. Use the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub or Healthy Mummy cookbooks

The cookbooks are great alternatives for finding healthier options to your Christmas favourites.

“My Nan used to make an amazing Trifle every Christmas, this year I’m making a Healthy Mummy version.”


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Robyn’s 25kg weight loss journey

Robyn Jurd 22:8

Robyn has lost 25kgs on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and most of that was done in just 10 months!

“I have lost 25kg, gone from a size 16 to a size 8, stopped taking blood pressure medication, maintained my weight loss, gained confidence and become the strongest, fittest and healthiest I have ever been.”

Join our December 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

December Challenge 2017 marketing-2-2

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