30 of the cutest surnames you can use as a first name

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Have you looked through every naming book? Seen every hipster, quirky or unique naming guide and still haven’t found that ah-ha name for your baby? Why not use a surname?

Whether it’s your maiden name, a maiden name way back in your family history or may be some cool, quirky name you’ve heard in passing, it’s a cute thought to consider a surname when naming your bub.

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Some of our fave surnames that can be first names…

Names for boys

1. Spencer

2. Nixon

3. Nash

4. Greyson

5. Miller

6. Sullivan

7. Smith

8. Vaughn

9. Cash

10. Campbell

I think many surnames can be used as a boy’s first name. Girls were a little bit harder to come up with, but here are some cute ones.

Names for girls

1. Monroe

2. Fallon

3. Anderson

4. Kennedy

5. Key

6. Jagger

7. Quinn

8. Reagan

9. Lennox

10. Lane

Names that could be for a boy or a girl

1. Bailey

2. Cooper

3. Jordan

4. Sampson

5. Curtis

6. Tyler

7. Sawyer

8. Brayden

9. Lennon

10. Reed


A few of the past presidents have been referenced; Nixon, Reagan, Kennedy (Although please don’t name your child after Bush) . Obviously Monroe comes from the infamous Marilyn, and Jagger from Mick Jagger. Just think of your favourite celebrity and see if you can use their last name to name your child.

Let’s hope your fave celeb isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger. That kid will never know how to spell his own name!


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