9 Reasons Why Mothers Should ALWAYS Trust Their Instincts

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You’ve given birth to your beautiful baby, you’ve signed the discharge papers and you bundle your babe up in a pram, then walk out the hospital doors. Is this not the most daunting moment of your entire life? Immediately your instincts kick in.

From here on in you are entirely responsible to raise this life into a human and keep them alive. And then all of a sudden you think to yourself… am I even qualified? We think so!

mothers instinct

9 Reasons Why You Need To Trust Your Mother’s Instinct

1. You Are The Expert

There is a quote I love, that relates to all walks of life. ‘Be yourself, there is nobody better qualified’. I’d like to edit this to, trust yourself, there is nobody better qualified. When it comes to your child you are the expert, nobody knows them quite like you do.

You know their temperament, you know when they are off colour, you know what makes them happy and what makes them sad. Believe in this, because at times people will make you doubt yourself.

2. Don’t Concern Yourself With Others

What other people have to say about you, your child and your parenting is really none of your business. Don’t concern yourself with criticisms and judgments.

3. Trust Your First Reaction

Your child takes a backward stumble off the bed and your first reaction is to rush them to hospital. Half way there they perk up and you begin to question your reaction.

Trust yourself, even if there is no cause for concern, you have reacted in this way because you were concerned. Trust your initial instinct, even if it turns out to be an overreaction, you did well Mama.

4. No Right Or Wrong

As long as your child is safe and healthy, there really is no right or wrong way to parent them. We parent according to our own personal beliefs, ethics and morals. As a result, people with judge and criticise the way you parent as you are not in line with their beliefs, ethics and morals. But does that make yours wrong? No!

So stand true to yourself, your family and raise the best people you know how.


5. You Are The Best Mum They Know

You’re also the only mum they know. But in their eyes no one can do better or be better than you are. You are their best mum, you are the option they would choose day in and day out. You are amazing!

6. Life Is Learning

Feeling the pressure to set up a daily craft activity or teach colours and numbers but just don’t have the energy? Don’t underestimate the learning power of a walk to the beach, or a trip to the shops, or even making dinner.

Colours, mathematics, spelling and life lessons present themselves in all moments. Just living is learning.

7. You Are Okay

So you haven’t showered in three days, you’ve a forest growing on your legs and yesterday you left with spew on your shoulder? Your kids pay no mind, they don’t even notice. They certainly don’t care. You are okay, you are doing okay.

8. We All Make Mistakes

Even the royals messed up on their first public trip with Prince William strapping Prince George into his car seat like a burrito! We all make mistakes and as long as we are learning from them and we are not risking lives, these mistakes are mere hiccups along the way.

9. All They Need Is Love

Simply – love is all they need to be happy, calm and content.

Mama, you are doing great. Your instincts will keep you and your children safe, just as long as you learn to trust them. There is nothing more potent than a mothers love, nothing more protective than a mother, nothing more powerful than a mother’s connection to her children.

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