14 cute baby names inspired by EASTER

Some parents go down the route of naming their children after festive things like Christmas - but apparently there’s a heap of Easter names out there too!
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Some parents go down the route of naming their children after festive things like Christmas – Noel, Holly, Joy, Eve, Ivy – but apparently there’s a heap of Easter-inspired names out there too (and some of them are incredibly adorable)!

We’re rounded up some of our favourites for you to browse over (just in case your baby is born on this long weekend and you want to mark the occasion).

Sweet baby in knitted hat with a rabbit ears lying on bed, top view
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Baby names inspired by Easter


Easter reference: Easter usually falls mostly in April.


Easter reference: It means ‘from the rabbit meadow’.


Easter reference: As in Ash Wednesday.


Easter reference: Often considered an Easter name because he was one of the apostles.

Easter Bunny's Helper
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Easter reference: It relates to the word vive in Hebrew which means life or revive.


Easter reference: This is the name of the town near where Jesus supposedly ascended to heaven.


Easter reference:  You can’t get more Easter than bunny, a reference to the Easter bunny.


Easter reference: Well, that’s what the Easter Bunny hides on Easter morning.

Baby with Bunny Ears and Christmas decorations
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Easter reference: Cruz is the Spanish word for ‘cross’.


Easter reference: Daisies are flowers associated with Easter.


Easter reference: Well duh! But many people use this as a cool middle name.

Cute little girl with a bunny rabbit has a easter at green grass background
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Easter reference: A common flower associated with Easter.


Easter reference:  In French this moniker translates to ‘child of Easter’.


Easter reference: Tulips are another flower that is also associated with the festive holiday.

Kids on Easter egg hunt in blooming spring garden. Children with bunny ears searching for colorful eggs in snow drop flower meadow. Toddler boy and preschooler girl in rabbit costume play outdoors.
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How adorable are these Easter-inspired names?

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