Mum hopes to shed 4kg by December 31 by spending $75 on groceries a week!

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Melanie found The Healthy Mummy two years ago after dealing with some pretty tough life hurdles. She was determined to turn some of the negativity in her life into positive changes, and boy did she do just that. Melanie is now nearly 50 kilograms lighter and says she has gained a new outlook on life.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Healthy Mummy smoothies, particularly the Choc Mint flavour, Melanie says, has helped her make these awesome changes! How fantastic is that?

Now Melanie is four kilograms away from her goal weight, and she is on a mission to reach her goal weight by New Year.

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Melanie’s incredible journey

Melanie first started her weight loss journey by using The Healthy Mummy website recipes and tools available on the blog, and she lost 20kg in 5 months, and by cutting out soft drink she dropped 5kg in the next 7 months!

After joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge a year ago, an additional 21kg has also gone and Melanie has gained a new outlook on life!

Melanie says, “I’ve had a lot of fluctuation over the past 3-4 months, as I’ve had health issues, diet restrictions, and only had surgery just 4 weeks ago, which felt like a deflation of all my hard work.”

Since surgery, she’s been back on track with her goal of reaching a total weight loss of 50kg by the end of December, as she adds, “I WILL reach my target of a total of 50kg lost! I’m currently at 46kg, with 134.5cm lost from my body.”

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The best part of the Challenges for Melanie? She can now manage her weekly groceries for under $75! “It has been so easy to look at the app, plan and prepare what I need, and off I go,” says Melanie.

Try meal prepping to manage your grocery spending as a way to get into a great weight loss routine also.

Melanie squats, does kettle bell workouts, and a core or Tabata session. Ensuring she consistently does these exercises makes Melanie feel on top of her routine.

Her best tip…

Melanie lives by a three hour rule and encourages everyone to try it out.

“I divide my days into 8x three hour periods, and if I happen to have a “slip up” or down moment with my mind, I either enjoy the food or understand my mind, own it and make myself accountable, look at the clock and reset at the next 3 hour point. No tomorrow/Monday/next week resets, always today.”

If you’re feeling inspired by Melanie’s transformation story, try the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for yourself and have access to 4,500 recipes, customise your plan to suit YOU and train with our Healthy Mummy trainer, who is sure to get you motivated after session 1!

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