5 leg exercises you can do in the lounge room to build booty and blast fat

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Many of us would love, love, love tighter bums, smaller thighs and toned legs. But we are put off by hard, long slogs at a public gym and think this is the ONLY way to achieve the lower body of our dreams.

However, healthy mummy Lauren da Silva, reminds us that you CAN get sexier, stronger and smoother legs WITHOUT having to go to the gym. In fact, you can tone them up in your lounge room, while the kids watch television.

Lauren says, “Getting fit and gaining strength really doesn’t need to cost you money for a gym membership and I am proof of that.”

Leg Collage

5 leg exercises you can do in the lounge room

Lauren is a single mum-of-two. She has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for two years now. In that time she has lost 15kgs (in the first six months) and has maintained her weight loss since.

What’s more, Lauren says, she has not once stepped into a gym during this time.

“My workouts have predominantly been done in the comfort of my lounge room with no equipment,” she reveals. “There is no denying genetics, I’ve always had a decent sized booty, but I’m also a lover of lower body workouts too.

“It’s definitely my favourite area to work on.”


Since Lauren’s incredible, incredible transformation, the inspiring mum says other mums now ask HER what lower body exercises to do.

“I often get asked what exercises have helped me the most. Well, I certainly do like to mix up my exercise regimen and do things like the new Tabata and DanceFit from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, the daily Challenge exercises.”

Lauren also enjoys pilates and has just started going to a group fitness class once per week.

However, some of her FAVOURITE exercises – she can do – while in her lounge room.

“There are some AMAZING exercises that I do in my lounge room while the kids are playing or while they are sleeping.Check out the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App if you need a hand learning how to do any of these exercises.”

For beginners, we suggest aim for 3 sets of 12 for the following exercise movements.





3.Wall Sit

Wall Sit

4.Leg Lifts

Leg Lift

5.Leg Pulses

Nailing form and technique is imperative to building booty muscle and following exercise safety protocol.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App and exercise plan has exercise safety information and exercise program overviews we recommend reading before trying / starting any new exercise regime. You can find this information under the ‘exercise’ tab on our Challenge App.

Leg Pulses

Don’t forget the core!

Lauren says after her lounge room leg workout, she will always throw in a plank or do some sit ups to activate her core and build on core strength.

“And instead of buying weights,” she says, “just use what you have on hand (hello Healthy Mummy Smoothie tub) or one of your children.

“My son thinks it’s great fun to jump on my back while I’m squatting or to plank beside me.”

After all, getting the kids involved, makes it fun for them and you’ll even enjoy working out more yourself.


Lauren’s helpful advice

There is no doubt Lauren has come a long way with her health and fitness. Not to mention she is very vocal in our Private Facebook Support Groups, empowering other women to take charge of their weight and bravely sharing her journey (and transformation pics) to motivate mums.

Lauren says, “Regaining your health and fitness really doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The Healthy Mummy has put together such an incredible program to make each day easy for you.

“Give it a go!”


Thanks Lauren, we think your leg and butt exercises are definitely working! Read more of Lauren’s transformation story HERE.

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