5 quick tips to fast track a healthy summer body

There are a few simple tools you can use this summer to tighten, tone and feel happy in your summer body, without pushing yourself too far.
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Summer is upon us and you might be thinking about how to get your summer body in shape fast.

Some may consider hardcore workouts and quick fix remedies but you don’t have too.

There are a few simple tools you can use this summer to tighten, tone and feel happy in your summer body without pushing yourself and your body to the extreme.

get summer butt and thighs

Here are 5 quick tips to fast track a healthy summer body

1. Eat for fuel

Sometimes when panic sets in, calories drop in an attempt to lose weight and tone up quickly.

However, this often doesn’t work as a lower caloric intake can reduce energy, mood and even fat burning potential.

Want to lose weight and tone up fast? Start eating high density, nutrient-rich meals that give you the energy, sustenance and motivation to move toward your goals.

2. Choose full body workouts

While we all have areas that we would like to tone and reshape, spot training these areas may not be the best remedy for a summer transformation.

Choosing higher intensity compound exercises such as push-ups, squats, plank variations and mountain climbers can increase the overall strength and tone of the body quite quickly, even those hard to train areas.

Our Tabata workouts on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App are ALSO GREAT full body workouts to try. What’s more, you can burn MAJOR calories and FAT in just 4 minutes.

4 hand Tabata

3. Add weights

Gone are the days when long-winded endurance activity was the way to lose weight. In fact, some types of cardiovascular activity can deplete muscle stores and reduce the tone of the body to ensure you have a summer body in the making.

Always choose some body weight/resistance exercises and/or use dumbbells to strengthen, tone and tighten during your workouts.

4. Keep variety in your workout

The body needs change just as much as we do, and keeping variety in your workout is one of the fastest ways to accomplish fat loss goals.

Choose a different class at the gym each week or add new exercises to your workouts that you circle every fortnight. By changing things up every 7-10 days, your body will be challenged to move and adapt, causing it to work harder and you will reap better rewards.

No matter where you’re at on your path to your goals, moving forward with these quick tips will have you feeling more energetic, burning more calories and shaping your body this summer.

5. Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to feel your best this summer!

Get your hands on thousands and thousands of recipes, exercise tips and support, and join the next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Get body confident this summer!

We can provide you with some great summer body tips as well as our top health tips for summer!

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How to get a summer body FAST with these 6 simple steps to feeling body confident 

1. Reward yourself with healthy experiences

Every body is a summer body and everybody deserves to move, be nourished and enjoy life to the fullest. What can you do to reward yourself with something fun and healthy this week?

2. Choose to feel good about where you are at this very moment

natalie bikini-2
Healthy Mummy community member Natalie rocking her bikini!

Focus your thoughts on all you have already achieved and the amazing benefits of living a healthy and happy life. Be positively thrilled that you have this amazing body to live in!

3. Focus on your own game

We are constantly reminded of what others are doing around us and it can often be too easy to make comparisons.

Remember others are on their own journey just as you are and your only competition is where you were yesterday.

4. Adopt a positive posture

Sometimes, simply the way we sit or stand can impact the way we feel about ourselves. Get creative with the way you move and catch yourself when you are slumping or slouching.

Just for one day, stand a little taller, breathe a little deeper and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your confidence can change.

Phila Nzimande confident body
Image source: Healthy Mummy community member Phila Nzimande looking fabulously confident in her bikini

5. Be your own fitness coach

Listen to the way you communicate with your body during your workouts and choose to motivate yourself as you would motivate a friend. Be reassuring and inspiring!

6. Remember falling isn’t failing

7 ways to get back on the healthy wagon

No matter where you are on your journey, there are always new lessons to be learned and more reasons to be proud.

If you fall off your healthy regime, don’t beat yourself up. Just jump back on and think of all the ways you can support yourself to do better next time round.

Changes will happen in time and likely sooner than you think. Remember how far you have come already and use these tips to enjoy a body confident summer this year!

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