Special activewear for pregnant women can reduce bump bounce by 50%

A new study reveals that specialist activewear for pregnant women can reduce baby bounce by 50% when measured against regular activewear, even when running. Wow!
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A new study reveals that a specialist range of activewear designed for pregnant women can reduce ‘bump bounce’ by half; even when running. Wow!

While the study run by Portsmouth University was relatively small-scale this is huge news for both the activewear industry and pregnant mums alike. Read more below.

active wear to reduce baby bounce

If you have ever tried to exercise while heavily pregnant you will know that it is not EASY! And the ‘baby bump bounce’ is REAL.

The associated discomfort that mums-to-be experience with ‘baby bump bounce’ can often lead them to giving up exercise or reducing their exercise more than needed. But maybe this is set to change?

Reducing bump bounce by half

According to new research from Portsmouth University, the average bump movement in pregnant women wearing generic activewear was 6.2cm.

Whereas pregnant mums wearing ‘specialist’ activewear (eg FittaMamma activewear) had movements of just 3.8cm.

The study is the first to test specialised pregnancy sportswear against standard fitness clothing sold in mainstream stores.

These statistics definitely have us excited.

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A new evolution of maternity activewear

Sophie Rej, who carried out the tests, said “Fitness wear is an evolving market and new maternity fitness wear brands are emerging to meet the changing needs of a woman’s body during pregnancy. 

Our tests on FittaMamma specialist maternity fitness wear reduced bounce of the bump in all directions by 48%.

This research shows this clothing provides measurable support for pregnant women, making a significant improvement to comfort and security, enabling them to carry on exercising right throughout their pregnancies.”

The Healthy Mummy team are excited to know that pregnant women everywhere could be experiencing more comfort while exercising in the future!

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