Belinda has lost 30.2kg by following the 12 Week Challenges

Belinda Tonkin joined The Healthy Mummy eight months ago and she's since lost 49kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Belinda Tonkin joined The Healthy Mummy earlier this year and she’s since lost 49kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

She also took part in the 12 Week Challenge (three consecutive Challenges) and she has lost 30.2kg of the 49kg she’s lost in total as part of the 12 Week Challenge.

“The first 12 week challenge which commenced in August 2021, I lost 17.8 kilos and 84 cm,” she says.

“And the most recent 12 Week Challenge I lost 12.4 kilos and 48cm.”

Next 12 Week Challenge starts soon!

Belinda has lost 30.2kg by following the 12 Week Challenges

How Belinda lost 30.2kg on the 12 Week Challenges

Her pledges: “To start and finish and give it everything I have got. My pledge for the second 12 week challenge was to ‘continue my Healthy Mummy journey for my body, mind and soul’.

“My pledges represented my commitment to this journey because for me one of my biggest barriers to achieving weight loss in the past was not being committed to the process.

“I would start a ‘diet’ Monday and by lunch time I had already given up.”

Belinda has lost 30.2kg by following the 12 Week Challenges

In fact, Belinda says she’s learned that The Healthy Mummy is a lifestyle change and it’s kept her focused and motivated.

“Mentally and emotionally, I am happier. I now plan social things to do with my family and we are planning a holiday in June,” she admits.

“I would have never planned social gatherings before, in fact I used to avoid them as much as possible. I wake up and feel excited about the day and have a little zest in my step that was never there before.

“My energy levels are through the roof. My skin now glows and I receive so many kind compliments about my skin and I have noticed the  whites of my eyes are brighter.”

Overcoming health issues

Amazingly, Belinda says her lower back pain has gone and her blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now normal.

“I was also low in iron and Vitamin D but recently after a full blood check everything returned normal,” she says.

When it comes to exercise, Belinda swims three times a week and does a workout three to five times a week.

“I currently concentrating on my arms and tummy.  I love the Total Body with weights program with Wendy Smith. 

“I also love to bush walk and hike whenever I can with my family. I also enjoy beach walks. I also aim to walk 3 x a week and I am learning to run,” she says.

Belinda’s tips for other mums

1. Set yourself one or two goals for yourself that are simple and realistic

For me, in the first week I aimed to simply replace my soft drink addiction  of 1- 1.5 litres of cola daily with water and now I drink three litres of water daily. I also started walking just around the block for ten minutes and now I can hike 12kms.

2. Have fun and enjoy this journey

I have fallen in love with the process of looking after myself. As Mums we are so busy taking care of our family we often forget about our own needs in the process. Now my daughter has a happy and healthy Mum. That’s truly one of the best gifts I can give her.

Belinda can’t wait to do another 12 Week Challenge!

“I have truly enjoyed these 12 Week Challenges and I can’t wait to do another 12-week challenge. The challenges are a great was to stay focused and motivated.

“I also find they help me step back and evaluate for goals and progress. I also love participating as an active member in the community pages as so many other ladies and their own journeys help inspire my own. 

“It helps knowing I am not alone, and I have made some special friendships through The Healthy Mummy.”

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