ULTIMATE GUIDE on how to focus on your booty for weight loss!

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Did you know that 60 per cent of our body’s muscle is in our butt and thighs, making them super important areas for body function and fitness?

Having a strong, toned butt and thighs will help to reach your weight loss goals as they support you in all movements, such as bending, lifting and twisting.

Strong butts and thighs also lead to better fat burning, in all areas of your body.

How to get your booty in shape in time for summer

These 5 mum's have transformed their butts and the results are astounding

Get a strong booty!

Strong butts and thighs also lead to better fat burning, in all areas of your body!

Many exercises work these important muscles, however squats and lunges are key, as they activate a variety of muscles while strengthening the entire lower body and core at the same time.

There are many great benefits to strengthening the butt and thighs, such as:

  • reduced back pain
  • a stronger pelvis
  • better supported knees and ankles
  • strengthening your core
  • improve your balance
  • increase your body’s fat burning potential

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge offers you a wide range of of brand new BOOTY BUSTING workouts, designed to increase your overall body strength and tone specific areas of your butt, thighs and tummy.

Alongside these exercises, our expert nutritionists have designed delicious budget friendly recipes that are packed full of energy boosting ingredients to help you burn fat fast!

12 SIMPLE BUTT exercises you can do in front of the telly

Apart from looking great in skirts and jeans, there are HEAPS of other benefits to toning and strengthening your booty. Strengthening the butt and thighs can reduce back pain, improve posture, strengthen your pelvis and reduce knee and ankle strain.

If you’re looking to tone your butt and thighs but don’t know where to start, the good news is you don’t have to look far! Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has HEAPS butt exercises!

Healthy mummy Libby Butler, who has lost 16kg through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, and Stephanie Marriot, who has lost 25kg, have kindly demonstrated their favourite (and effective) booty-busting butt exercises that you can do from home.

1. Duck squat


To perform a duck squat you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing out at 45 degrees.

Activate your core and place your hands together out in front of you. Next, you need to squat down until your butt is parallel with the ground and this is your starting position. Rise only 3/4 of the way up, then lower back down to the starting position. Try to keep your back straight.

Take it up a level: If you want to increase the resistance, you can hold weights in your hand.

2. Donkey kicks


Get on all fours so that your hands are shoulder-width apart and your knees are straight below your hips.

Activate your core while keeping your knee bent, lift one leg up behind you until it is in line with your body and your foot is parallel to the ceiling.

Then lower your foot back down to the starting position and repeat on the other leg.

Take it up a level: If you would like to increase the resistance, add ankle weights.

3. Sumo squat


Stand with your feet out wide, toes pointing out slightly. Activate your core and keep your balance by holding your arms in front of you.

Lower your body until your butt is in line with your knees (or as close as you can get) while still protruding it out behind you, keeping your back straight.

Take it up a level: You can increase the intensity by holding a weight such as a kettlebell.

4. Glute bridge


Lie back, knees bent, feet on the floor hip-width apart, arms extended at the sides with palms facing down.

Lift your hips toward the ceiling, pressing into your heels (but don’t squeeze your glutes UNTIL you reach the top). Hold for 10 deep breaths, then slowly lower your hips to the floor.

Take it up a level: To up the ante, you can pulse these at the top, instead of holding.

5. Lunge pulse – Butt exercise


From a standing start, step forward like a regular lunge. Lunge down partially, about a quarter of the way down as you would for a normal lunge.

This is the starting position. Begin the exercise by pulsing up and down, performing the lunge by going up and down about 3 inches or so.

6. Chair kick – Butt exercise


In a standing position, activate your core and place your hands on your hips (or hold onto a table or chair, if you need for stability).

Transfer your weight to your left leg and lift your right leg back so you feel a squeeze in the right glute.

Ensure you remain standing upright, and you will only need to kick the back leg a short distance before you feel the squeeze.

Thanks for demonstrating these moves so wonderfully, Libby!

You can find more amazing butt exercises on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App under the exercise hub. We also outline how you can perform these exercises CORRECTLY, and SAFELY while targeting those booty muscles.


7. Medicine ball squats


These can be performed with any sort of weight – think a kettlebell and or a filled water bottle.

Hold the weight on your chest, brace your core, and squat, making sure to squeeze tight when you rise. Perform 20 reps, 3 times.


DID YOU KNOW: You can find a heap of booty (and thigh exercises) on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercise hub? What’s more, we outline how you can perform these exercises CORRECTLY, and SAFELY while targeting those booty muscles. You can sign up to our Challenge here.

8. Box jumps


Box jumps are great to get your heart rate up, and are a full body exercise.

It doesn’t matter if you can only jump 20cm, or if you can jump upwards of 60cm. Every box jump gives you a sense of accomplishment. Keep your eyes on your landing area, squat down and propel yourself up onto the box / step with your arms. Perform 15 reps, 3 times.

9. Curtsy lunge


Curtsy lunges are one of Stephanie’s favourite exercises. They target your outer and inner thigh muscles, as well as your butt. Take your time, control the movement, and don’t forget to brace your core to keep you balanced.

Exercise Plan

10. Hip thrusts


Hip thrusts are a super versatile exercise. You can perform these laying on the floor, you can add a weight on to your hips, you can also do these with your upper back resting on a bench or the lounge to make it even more of a workout.

To target your outer booty, place your heels together, fold your knees out, and then perform the hip thrust. Do 20 reps, 5 times over.

11. Pause squats


Pause squats are a booty burner for sure. Take a normal squat stance, feet just past hip width, squat down, squeeze your glutes, and pause for 3 seconds.

Drive back up to the starting position. Perform 20 reps, 3 times. Use a resistance band to make sure you’re activating your glutes.

12. Walking weighted lunges


Walking weighted lunges are just that. Grab yourself some weights, brace that core, and slowly perform walking lunges. Do 20 lunges in total, 3 times over.


“I hope these booty busting exercises are as helpful for you as they were for me.

“I transformed my butt doing these at home. I didn’t go to a gym or buy expensive equipment, and I did them with my kiddies around,” says Stephanie. 

Give your bottom the attention it deserves with these 5 tips!

1. Activate your booty muscles


There are specific exercises to target your bottom and thighs. The 28 Day Challenge Booty Busting Bootcamp (which comes with BRAND NEW butt and thigh workouts) is a great place to start to target your booty.

Exercises like yogasquats, HIIT and Tabata are lead by our Healthy Mummy trainers and assist you in completing the workouts and getting the most out of them.

Try out these 5 leg exercises you can do in your living room:

  1. Lunges
  2. Squats
  3. Wall sit
  4. Leg lifts
  5. Leg pulses

Who better to look at for inspo when it comes to booty’s than the Kardashians! See how to get a Kardashian shaped booty here.

2. Keep drinking water


Drinking water helps flush out the toxins from the body. Hydrating your body keeps your skin cells fresh and it can help smooth out the appearance of your skin.

“I drink around 3 litres of water a day and it has made my skin appear much healthier and smoother,” says Healthy Mummy Julia Meadows who transformed her booty.

If you can’t seem to make it to your daily water intake without becoming bored, try infusing your water with lemon.

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning gives your body a kick start to the day and has these awesome benefits.

3. Eat specific food


Food to build the butt are either amazing sources of PROTEIN or CARBOHYDRATE dense foods.

When it comes to carbohydrates they’re important for building muscle mass as they are the main source of FUEL, and help improve fatigue. No carb enemy’s here!

Some foods to help build your booty muscles are:

4. Make sure to recover

Yoga Moves To Tone Your Butt And Thighs

Recovery after a workout is just as important, if not MORE important than the workout itself.

This is because this is when the muscles have their time to recover, build and get ready for their next session! Without this recovery, injury, lack of energy or plateauing  could come about.

Try a Healthy Mummy smoothie on your next rest day. Jam packed with all the good stuff your body could need, like vitamins, minerals, and of course protein.

You can bulk them up with fruit, nuts, seeds and veg of your choice to suit your calorie needs.

You should establish a routine that allows you to incorporate stretching such as yoga to help let your muscles recover from the strenuous training from the days before.

Try our stretching sequence after your next workout and follow our cool down video found on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Want more booty tips? Healthy Mummy Dancefit instructor, Dee shares how to get a Brazilian looking butt!

Do you want booty gains? These 8 foods target your booty

So you want to build your glutes and wondering what can help?

The number one thing is weight bearing exercise, but that’s a whole other topic! We are going to look at foods that can help you have a bootlicoius BOOTY.

Our Healthy Mummy nutritionist, Cheree shares how you can target your booty with FOOD.

Food to build the butt are either amazing sources of PROTEIN or CARBOHYDRATE dense foods


Cheree says, “Protein provides our bodies with amino acids, which are the building blocks for our cells. Without enough protein, you won’t be able to recover from your exercise, or build and repair muscle tissues.”

The amount of protein recommended per day for a recreational athlete (someone who works out 4-5 times per weeks for an hour) is 1.2grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

“So if I weigh 80kg, I need 96g of protein per day,” Cheree says.

Something to remember: it’s not just 96g of a protein rich food like tuna that will give me this, so looking at your food nutritional info panels (see how to read them here) will help you work out how much protein and carbs are actually in your foods, Cheree adds.

4 exercises to tone and tighten your booty this MARCH

When it comes to carbohydrates they’re important for building muscle mass as they are the main source of FUEL, and help improve fatigue. No carb enemy’s here!

“Focus on getting clean, complete protein that come from organic animals sources, wild caught seafood or Non-GMO plant sources, and plant based sources of carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables,” Cheree says.

However, don’t forget it’s not an excuse to go wild at the bakery!!

Top 8 nutritionist-approved foods to boost your booty

Choc protein smoothie bowl

1. Tuna

It’s easy to digest and it provides 23g of protein per 100g.

2. Oysters

They are super high in protein, plus have a massive amount of zinc in them which will help your immunity at the same time! WIN!

3. Lamb

One of the highest sources of protein in our red meats at 29g per 100g. Try this delicious Pesto crusted lamb for your serving.

4. Eggs

So versatile, you can add them to your smoothie, have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and when boiled is a perfect portable snack.

5. Quinoa

It’s one of the only plant based complete proteins, it’s very filling, and another super versatile ingredients that you can use in any meal.

6. Whey Protein

Making snacks or smoothies out of whey protein will really up your protein for the day. Chuck in some greens like kale or spinach and your ticking your carbohydrate needs as well.

7. Sweet Potato

One of the highest sources of carbohydrates that is not going to spike your blood sugars. Another ingredient you can turn into any meal. Toast for breakfast, muffins for a snack, roasted in salads, stuffed, mashed or fried into chips! Check out this recipe.

8. Branch Chain Amino Acids

Supplementing with BCAA’s can really improve your recovery and performance when exercising because they help repair and build muscle. Great for when your are trying to build your booty! Give our Chocolate protein powder a try for your intake!

7 recipes from the Belly & Booty Blasting 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

1.Spinach Feta Puffs (320 calories)

These crispy, healthy puffs with only 5 ingredients make a delicious breakfast or light lunch. Make a large batch and store in the freezer so you have an easy breakfast ready to go when needed.

Get the Recipe Here

2.Korean Beef Noodles (304 calories)

Kimchi is a fermented cabbage condiment that can be found in most large supermarkets. It is great to improve your gut health and help beat belly bloat.

Try this recipe today in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub!

3.Asparagus and Chicken Mini Muffins Quiches (203 calories)

Asparagus and Chicken Mini Muffin Quiches

These mini quiches are a great savoury snack and super easy to make using Mountain Bread. They’re a great high protein snack to keep you satisfied in between main meals and reaching your weight loss goals faster. Enjoy another delicious mini quiche recipe!

Tailor them to your heart’s content (or to suit fussy eaters!) and use up leftover cooked meat or roast veggies that you have on hand.

Get the Recipe Here

4. Mediterranean Chicken & Vegetable Pasta (425 calories)

A delicious Mediterranean inspired chicken and vegetable pasta dish that’s packed full of flavour and ideal for the cooler months. It’s easy to improve your digestive health and in turn reduce belly bulge by just making some simple swaps with your cooking. Choosing wholemeal pasta instead of white will increase your fibre intake and improve your digestion.

Try this recipe today in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub!

5. Salted Caramel Bliss Balls (75 calories each)

These delicious morsels of yumminess are great to have on hand when you are really in the mood for something sweetor if you want a little dessert with your cup of herbal tea.

They’re also super easy to make with literally no prep time at all.

Get the Recipe Here

6. Baked Coffee Cheesecake (138 calories)

Baked Coffee Cheesecake Just 138 Calories

There’s no need to miss out on your favourite desserts while you lose weight on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Making your own treats means you can enjoy recipes like chocolate mousse or cheesecake that are tasty AND healthy.  This cheesecake contains no added sugar and is just 138 cals per slice!

Get the Recipe Here! 

7. Vegan BBQ Mushroom Burritos (378 calories)

With these tasty Vegan BBQ mushroom burritos you will increase your intake of fibre with the beans which will help beat the belly bloat you are trying to blast.

Try this recipe today in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub!

More about our Butt and Thigh workouts


The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has exercises to boost your booty, with new, full-length workout videos that focus on the butt and thighs.

The Butt and Thigh workout videos are short routines that are designed to lift the butt and tone the legs, increase overall fat burning and strengthen the lower body.

There are many great benefits to strengthening the butt and thighs, such as:

  • reduced back pain
  • a stronger pelvis
  • better supported knees and ankles
  • strengthening your core
  • improve your balance
  • increase your body’s fat burning potential

Many exercises work these important muscles, however squats and lunges are key, as they activate a variety of muscles while strengthening the entire lower body and core at the same time. You’ll see these exercises feature a lot in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app.

Check out this 10 minute butt and thigh workout from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app from Healthy Mummy Fitness Trainer Wendy!

The butt and thighs help to shape our lower body and help us in everything we do.

Benefits of working the butt and thighs

When the butt and thighs are strengthened, the glutes are able to balance and stabilise the hips, allowing the hip flexors to move with ease, reducing the risk of back pain and reducing chance of injury.

Not only that, but a strong butt and thighs means a stronger pelvis and better supported knees and ankles.

Butt and thigh exercises also increase overall body strength and function to support daily movements such as bending, lifting, twisting and moving.

Which exercises work this area?

Many exercises work these important muscles, however squats and lunges are often favourites among athletes and trainers, as they activate a variety of muscles in the butt and thighs while strengthening the entire lower body and core at the same time.

Making these exercises a part of your daily routine will help to move you toward your goals, while improving your balance, strengthening your core, reducing the risk of back pain, knee injuries and/or ankle instabilities.

Butt and thighs are certainly on the minds of most women on their way to achieving fitness goals and the exercises in the March 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge will help to fast track those goals with excellent fat burning, strengthening and toning in both areas.

Try these booty busting exercises from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Complete for 90 seconds each with a 10 second break in between for a speedy, metabolic boosting sweat session! 

1. Sumo Squat With Ball

Sumo Squat With Ball


Starting Position: Take your feet into a wide stance, and toes slightly pointing outward. Hold a medicine ball out in front of your body with elbows slightly bent.

Execution: Holding the ball out in front of you, inhale and sit down into a squat position. Keep your back flat, head up and knees in line with toes. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold the squat position for 1-2 seconds, then tighten your glutes, push up through the heels and bring your arms overhead, keeping your core engaged and elbows soft. Continue squatting and standing, inhaling as you sit down into the squat, exhaling as you engage your core and push off your heels to standing. 

2. Alphabet Leg Circles

Alphabet Leg Circles

Starting Position: Lie flat on your back on the floor with arms out to the sides for stability. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Engage your glutes and core and lift your right foot off the floor, extending the knee.

Execution: Exhale as you engage your core and circle the right leg to write the letter A in the air. Repeat this exercise by alternating legs and then move your way up through the alphabet one letter at a time. Keep your core engaged and spine and pelvis stable throughout
the movement. Continue to breathe as you circle your legs in a controlled manner.

3. Jumping Frog

Jumping Frog

Starting Position: 
Take your feet into a wide stance, with toes pointing outward and sink down into a kegel squat. Rest your hands on the floor in front of you. Squat down as low as possible, keeping your chest up and open.

Execution: Push off through your hands and feet and jump into the air, propelling forward slightly and landing back in the deep squat again. Repeat this exercise by moving around the room in different directions.

4. Pilates Plie Pulses

Pilates Plie Pulse

Starting Position: Take your feet into a wide stance, toes slightly pointing outward and hands on your hips.

Execution: Bend your knees, keep your spine straight and sit down into a squat position. Keeping your back flat, head up and knees in line with toes, hold the squat position for a few seconds, pulsing up and down gently. Then tighten your glutes, push up through the heels and return to standing.

Three fantastic butt transformations

These three mums are defying gravity, thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and lots of hard work. Go girls!

1. Julia



Julia says: ‘I never thought I would be happy and confident in my own skin this summer but thanks to the Healthy Mummy I totally am.’

2. Jacinta


What a transformation! Jacinta says: ‘There is 9 months and 35kgs* difference between these photos and it was thanks to The Healthy Mummy that I managed to get this far!’

3. Rae


Rae has not only dropped 25kg* she’s toned up her body too and is now proudly flaunting her INCREDIBLE booty! Rae says ‘My main tush exercise at the minute is weighted squats. I use a bar with weight for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.’

She has not only dropped 25 kg with the help of The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, but she’s toned up her bod too and is now proudly flaunting her INCREDIBLE booty – and may we add, she looks FANTASTIC!!!!

Find out how she got her booty so toned…

Rae booty pic 4_9

6 AWESOME tips for achieving an INCREDIBLE booty!

“I have been on a mission to lift the peach recently and thought that some of you may want to know what I have been doing to tone my backside,” she tells us.

“I have always had a butt that slowly slid into the leg without any kinda of definition between the two and I have been on a mission to get that lifted and perky kinda derrière that my girlfriend J.Lo sports.”

Rae’s number one top tip for getting a big booty: “Aim big! Pardon the pun (or don’t).”

Over to you now Rae!

Rae booty

Rae’s top booty workout tips

1. Focus on building muscle

image1 (15)

My focus has been on building muscle recently. The higher the muscle mass percentage, the more fat burning your body does because muscles are hungry little rascals and like to eat up lots of energy.

Building a strong lower body is a great way to burn more fat because the muscle groups are bigger and much easier to get working on.

2. Do regular squats

My main tush exercise at the minute is weighted squats.

I use a bar with weight for 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Focus on engaging the muscle with each exercise. Get your technique on point before worrying about getting big numbers.


DID YOU KNOW: You can find a heap of booty (and thigh exercises) on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercise hub? What’s more, we outline how you can perform these exercises CORRECTLY, and SAFELY while targeting those booty-muscles. You can sign up to our Challenge here.

3. Tone your legs

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.38.06 PM

I do a range of other butt and leg toning exercises and the key to any and all of them is quality over quantity.

I could pump out a thousands squats a day if I wanted to, but I would much rather do a few sets of 10 with a slow and well practiced form to ensure that I am getting the most out of the exercise. It is just so important to slow things down and focus on doing things right.

4. Do the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises


The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises are a great way to focus on technique as they have a great instructional video which shows you how to do the exercise properly.

The tone your butt and thigh exercise Challenge is a HUGE hit across the Healthy Mummy community.

Exercise Plan

5. Take pictures of your booty

Rae 15kgs

How far you’ve come is the best motivator when you are having a tough day or week.  Each week you may only be seeing small achievements so it’s important to step back and look at the bigger picture.

My main tip on working on any part of your body is to take pictures and measurement. This way you’ll get to see the result.

6. Don’t give up!


Persevere and know that your work out will lead to fab results.

Thanks for the booty-advice Rae!

What great advice, Rae! Thank you. Your hard work has sure paid off, as you and your backside look amazing. Go, you!

More on Rae’s AMAZING 25kg weight loss story

Rae squat

Mum of three children young children, Rae, has overcome negative self belief in the face of  some very big obstacles. After losing 25kgs and maintaining her goal weight with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges she says:

“I am no longer the girl who suffered debilitating anxiety and regular panic attacks. The one full of excuses not to go out and enjoy life.

“I am now this amazing butterfly who loves her life and lives it with no worries (well far fewer, I am still a woman after all!)”.

Awesome indoor workouts to help you tone you bottom

1. Do Skiing Squats

Samantha Stevenson booty busting squat

Whether your an avid skier or if you’ve never been on the piste, everyone can do these awesome skii squats. All you need to do is bend your knees like you’re in a skiing position for 30 seconds and then jump 180 degrees, then repeat and so forth. Get your little ones involved too!

Here’s how to sneak 100 squats into your daily routine!

2. Go Skating

A girl wearing figure skates stands on an outdoor rink covered in a light layer of snow.
Source: iStock

Pull on your winter warmers and head down to the local ice skating rink – whether it be inside or out, you can even bring the kids with you. A few laps around, and you’ll have had a great workout by the time you’ve finished. If you’re not a pro, even skating holding onto the edge while trying not to fall over is a workout in itself!

3. Indoor Swimming

Source: Supplied

Head down to the local indoor pool with your kids and take your partner with you, so you can take it in terms to do a few laps. Swimming is a fantastic form of all over body exercise.

4. Scale A Wall

Rock climbing wall at the gym
Source: iStock

Just because it’s raining outside it doesn’t stop you from doing a great cardio workout and hitting your nearest indoor rock climbing centre. You may even be able to get an awesome discount. Just don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights!

Try these six booty busting exercises with Healthy Mummy fitness expert Wendy’s top tips!

1. Curtsy Lunges

Just like any lunge, the Curtsy Lunge activates the glute muscles but also engages the quads and inner thigh making it a great strengthening exercise for stability.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart arms extended out at shoulder height.  Take a large step back with your right leg crossing it behind your left as if you were about to do a curtsy. Keeping your weight in your left foot, bend your knees lowering your body close to the ground. Slowly return to the start position.


  • Engage your abs and butt muscles.
  • Keep your front toe in line with your knee.
  • Ensure your front leg is completely pointing forward.
  • Slow technique is very important to protect your joints
  • Remember to breathe deeply.

2. Frogger Extensions

Frogger Extensions are a great all over exercise to work the lower body and target the glute and leg muscles.

Begin in a squat position with feet should-width apart (take care not to go too wide after having a baby). Place your pointer fingers together and hold your arms and hands straight down towards the floor. Squat and as you come back up, raise up onto your toes to perform a calf raise keeping in the same position.


  • To avoid injury, bend from the knees, not your back.
  • Remember to breathe deeply

3.Side Plank Leg Lifts

The side plank targets the glute medius  – this is often an under-worked muscle on the side of the pelvis that helps stabilize your hip joint.

Starting on your side, with bottom leg bent at the knee, place one elbow on the ground directly under your shoulder. Keeping your spine lengthened and abdominals engaged, extend the top leg straight out ensuring it is in line with your spine and toes are pointed.

Extend your top arm straight up towards the ceiling and lift the top leg straight up just higher than your hip, then back down so it is hovering off the floor.


  • Ensure your bottom elbow is directly under your shoulder.
  • Make sure you stabilise your torso and keep pelvic bone still.
  • Keep hips lifted.
  • Keep your neck in line with your spine, chin slightly tucked under and eyeline straight ahead.
  • Relax your head, neck and shoulders.
  • Remember to breath deeply.

4. Squat to Chair with Claps

If you haven’t quite mastered a proper squat, the chair squat is a great practising technique for working on balance. It strengthens your entire lower body including your glutes as well as engaging your core.

Standing in front of a chair with your feet hip-width apart, slowly lower your butt toward the chair until it taps it. Return to a standing position and clap above your head.  Before performing the next squat, wiggle your toes to ensure your weight is placed in your heels.


  • Squat as low as the seat of the chair.
  • Tighten your core and keep your chest proud.
  • Ensure toes and knees are slightly pointing outwards
  • Look straight but keep chin tucked down.

5. Slow Skaters

This is exercise is also really good for strengthening your legs and improving stability along with activating your outer thigh and glutes.

Starting in a squat position with feet hip-width apart, step sideways landing with one foot behind the other in a mini lunge position, swinging your arms in a skating motion at the same time.


  • Tighten core.
  • Try to keep hips square to the front.
  • Keep toes on the ground to help with stability each time.
  • Remember to breathe deeply.

12. Single Leg Hip Bridge

Just like squats and lunges, the single leg hip bridge is a great booty burner as it targets all your glute muscles as well as your abdominals and hamstrings.

Lie on your back and tighten your abdominal, butt and thigh muscles. Raise your hips up to create a straight line from your knees to shoulders and slowly raise and extend one leg while keeping pelvis raised.


  • Squeeze your core and pull your belly button up and in towards your spine.
  • Keep pelvic bone stable and horizontal in line with your shoulders.
  • Tuck chin under and lengthen the back of your next

Wendy’s top tips to tone your booty at home!

1. Every time you eat, do 10 squats first (to associate a good habit at least 3 times per day)
2. When you stand at the kitchen bench, do standing donkey kicks (so you can get a BONUS workout, when you don’t even think about it, to firm your butt!!)
3. Every time you put clothes away, do lunge walks to the baby/children/s rooms as you go (burn extra calories as you walk and do home chores)

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