Chelsea’s 60kg Weight Loss and Transformation

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Chelsea Dixon is a complete inspiration to millions of mums and has transformed herself by eating healthy meals from The Healthy Mummy app and doing our at home exercises

Chelsea says,

“For me I’m taking a moment to look at just how far I’ve come fitness wise…

In my 1st pic I bought myself some activewear & felt like the fittest woman alive just by putting on those tights & getting my kids to the finish line at cross country…

Fast forward 19 months and after following The Healthy Mummy plans, I look at myself & think is this really me???

I can’t believe I can run, I can keep up with my kids, I now have energy, but most of all I see in my reflection a confident fit woman who has goals, a woman who can now achieve anything if I just try, but most importantly just being me & always doing my best…

This year my goals are very similar but my main goal is just to enjoy life to the fullest, don’t ever punish myself & remember it’s a lifestyle…

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