“I finally feel like I get to be me!” Cicily’s lost 53kg and TOTALLY changed her life!

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We recently invited seven AWESOME Healthy Mummies to Sydney to take part in our BIG black underwear photoshoot and celebrate their amazing weight loss. And mum-of-two Cicily from Nambucca Heads, NSW was one of those ladies!

Cicily has been on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 18 months and has lost an AWESOME 53kg!

Not only has her health and fitness changed forever, but her confidence has SOARED, and she looks fantastic rocking her figure in black underwear!

Cicily FINAL -2

A whole new world!

Cicily was in shock when she found out she’d been selected for our big black underwear photoshoot!

“I had it in my mind that I was definitely not going and I read the email and actually could not believe it,” admits Cicily.

Pre-Healthy Mummy, Cicily was not the happy and vivacious mama she is today. In fact, she says she was in denial and would always pretend to be really confident.

“I think I always came off as really harsh because I tried to put on a façade that I was so happy and confident when really I was just depressed, anxious, not even really realising I was unhappy in myself. I just blamed the world and everyone else and didn’t really put it on me,” confesses Cicily.

But after joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Cicily has transformed her and her family’s lifestyle and also lost 53kg!

“I finally feel like I get to be me and who I’ve always wanted to be but I’ve always hidden. So I feel like I’ve opened up a whole new world, this is who I am meant to be and everything seems so much easier and better,” she says.

“All the compliments and people saying “Wow you’ve changed so much since high school,” stuff like that is the best feeling in the world.”

Loving The Healthy Mummy lifestyle!

Since joining the Challenge, Cicily has become more adventurous with her food and checking out the new weekly meal plans.

“I try things that I would never try before, things that I wouldn’t even think about. I’ve never had something that I don’t like.”

And it’s not just mum who’s enjoying the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals!

“My partner doesn’t eat anything- eggs, nuts, fish, seafood, anything creamy, mushrooms, anything green, he’s so fussy and I still find enough to feed him and my family,” says Cicily.

This mum is also an active member of our Healthy Mummy community and has bonded with many other mums through our Private Support Group.

“Getting to know the other girls who have changed their lives so much too, you bond and connect so well, you form little beautiful friendships and getting to meet everyone who works behind the scenes at The Healthy Mummy too is really awesome.”

Your transformation is SO inspiring Cicily, well done with everything!

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