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Competition Winners 16th June – 3rd July 2020

See if you’re a winner this month!

Every month The Healthy Mummy runs A HEAP of different competitions with LOADS of fabulous prizes to be won.

Healthy Mummy Competition Winners - 3 May 2017

Prizes include smoothies, singlets, cookbooks and other goodies from our Healthy Mummy merchandise range as well as some special handpicked items that we think our members will love!


Competition winners are chosen every few days. If you see your name in the list below, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “CLAIM YOUR PRIZE ” button to claim (within the 14 day claim period). Please ensure you take a screenshot of your name, as shown in the list below, and upload it with your details when you submit your claim.


If you see your name listed as a large prize winner, please check your email for details on how to claim your prize!

A BIG thank you to all of those who enter our competitions and GOOD LUCK!

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Win an Amazing Treadmill RRP $1999

Josie Hamil, NSW

Win Home delivered meals for a week

Hannah Whelan, NSW

Win a Crock Pot AND a $200 Woolies Voucher

Millissa McGuiness, Victoria

Win a Pair of Trainers for You and a Friend

Rita Keay and her friend Antoinette Elkadi

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3/7 Healthy Mummy Pink Clay Mask Mel Shepherd
3/7 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Melissa Catalano
3/7 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jess Amos
3/7 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Samantha Glaser
2/7 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Karen Hamilton
2/7 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Eirini Trajcevski
2/7 $25 Cash Anupa Kurien
2/7 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Narelle van Leeuwen
1/7 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Julie Scott
1/7 $50 Rebel Sports store voucher Nicole Haueis Lee
1/7 Healthy Mummy  Pink Clay Mask Ash Harrow
1/7 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kim White
30/6 $100 Cash Toni Robinson
30/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Julie Nankervis
30/6 $50 Cash Annabel Hill
30/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jade Miles
30/6 Healthy Mummy Supergreens Brooke Paff
30/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Ekta Rawal
29/6 Fit Bit Scales Katrina Volkerts
29/6 Healthy Mummy Pink Clay Mask Natalie Ann
29/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Monique Young
29/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Cassie McCarthy
29/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Flip Gilbert
29/6 $100 Rebel Sports Voucher Rhiannon Barry
28/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Melissa McGlone
28/6 $50 Cash Jessica Duffey
28/6 $20 Cash Michelle Moffatt
28/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jaclyn Van Opdenbosch
28/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Juanita Fernandes
27/6 $50 Coles voucher Bec Malcolm
27/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kylee Coull
27/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Tania Barbieri Rosato
27/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Weel
27/6 Healthy Mummy $50 store voucher Hayley Jane
26/6 Healthy Mummy Drink Bottle Jaclyn Van Opdenbosch
26/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Gillian Rawle
26/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Sheri Petty
25/6 $50 Coles Voucher Krissy Christie
25/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Victoria Sweetland
25/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Elyse Larven
25/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Ashleigh Meek
25/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Annelise Joy Seupule
24/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Larissa LS
24/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Cheryl Williams
23/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Genelle Scotts
23/6 Healthy Mummy Drink Bottle Carrie Rolton
22/6 Fit Bit Scales Gillian Rawle
22/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sarah Stace
22/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Tam Owen
21/6 $50 Cash Emily Bills
21/6 $25 Coles Voucher Amanda Langer
21/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Janine Beckwith
21/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amy Patrick
20/6 $25 Cash Toni Livesey
20/6 $25 Cash Jaime Thompson – Keogh
20/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kurley Wood
19/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Leah Mitchell
19/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Niki Enderwick
19/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Vickstar Lee
19/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Veronica Row
18/6 $25 Cash Amy Elliott
18/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Cherie Dreckow
18/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Louisa Pestridge
18/6 $25 Cash Amanda Lokan
17/6 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Cheryl Williams
17/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Michele Ken Cudbertson
17/6 $25 Cash Sunday Wedel
17/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Vikki Clayton
17/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Therese
16/6 $25 Cash Petra Foulds
16/6 Healthy Mummy Drink Bottle Joan Margaret
16/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Dawn Karipa
16/6 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Keesha Ugle

If you experience trouble when claiming your prize, please contact us here so we can help.

ALL PRIZES MUST BE CLAIMED WITHIN 14 DAYS (claim by 22nd July 2020)


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