Competition Winners – 17th January 2018

See if you’re a winner this week!

Every week The Healthy Mummy runs A HEAP of different competitions with LOADS of fabulous prizes to be won.

Prizes include smoothies, singlets, cookbooks and other goodies from our Healthy Mummy merchandise range as well as some special hand-picked goodies that we think our members will love!

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Competition winners are chosen every few days. If you see your name in the list below, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “CLAIM YOUR PRIZE ” button to claim (within the 14 day claim period). Please ensure you take a screenshot of your name, as shown in the list below, and upload it with your details when you submit your claim.


If you see your name listed as a large prize winner, please check your email for details on how to claim your prize!

A BIG thank you to all of those who enter our competitions and GOOD LUCK!

THM & Lose Baby Weight Support Group

Join THM & LBW Support Group

9/1/18 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder  Nadine Shooks

9/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Lira Petterson

9/1/18 Healthy Mummy Yoga Mat  Tash Ward

9/1/18 Healthy Mummy 2018 Diary Melissa Blake Cooney

10/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Paula Bax

10/1/18 Healthy Mummy 2018 Diary Anita Bionda

10/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Sally Doran

10/1/18 Healthy Mummy Yoga Mat Ange Stephens-Kinch

10/1/18 ULTIMATE Weight Loss Box RRP $596 Beaudine Driver

10/1/18 $50 Coles voucher Nicole Comber

10/1/18 Team Healthy Mummy Singlet Elizabeth Olasz

11/1/18 Healthy Mummy $50 store voucher Angela Bath

11/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Natalie Minassian

11/1/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Pack Tai Jones

11/1/18 Smoothie of your choice Brianna Miles

11/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Lizzy Jacobs

11/1/18 Cookies and Cream Smoothie Stacey Snowball Klish

11/1/18 $50 store credit Belinda Black

11/1/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Kerry Nemcansky

11/1/18 Smoothie of your choice  Anita Johnson

12/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Amy Mulyk

12/1/18  Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Michelle Noronha

12/1/18 $50 CASH Amanda Matti

12/1/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Lisa Masky

12/1/18 ULTIMATE Smoothie Pack RRP $310 3 x smoothies, Protein Powder, smoothie travel pack. shaker, scoop. Larissa Ruth Falkous

12/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jody Maree

12/1/18 Healthy Mummy Metallic Singlet  Sarah Rice

12/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Melissa McSeveney

12/1/18 Travel Smoothie Pack Caitlin Leanne George

13/1/18 Healthy Mummy protein powder Malorie Harman

13/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Anthea Le Man

13/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Lorelle Peatling McLeish

13/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Travel Pack Ash Sperling

13/1/18 ULTIMATE Weight Loss Box RRP $596 Janaya Christine

13/1/18 Healthy Mummy 2018 Diary Kristine Marino

13/1/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Sam Brown

Join THM 28 Day Kickstart Support Group

THM 28 Day Kickstart Group

14/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Elouise Ford

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Meal Prep & Time Saving Challenge This Feb!!

february challenge

THM Food Lovers Support Group

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13/1/18 Healthy Mummy 2018 Diary Gabby Tanis

15/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie  Kelly Masters

15/1/18  $50 cash Kara OB

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1801_THM_CM_JanuarySALE_33% Off_smoothies2

Budget Cooking and Weightloss Support Group

Join now Budget Cooking and Weightloss Support Group

11/1/18 $50 store credit  Staysi Jones

Ash Petroff’s LET’S DO IT 28 day Challenget Group

Join now – Ash Petroff’s LET’S DO IT 28 Day Challenge Group

9/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Tanya Stapleton

9/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Bec Jackson

Trial Special On 28 Day Challenge

Join now – Trial Special On 28 Day Challenge

11/1/18 $50 Cash Fiona Walker

If you haven’t already claimed your prize, please click on the button below to submit your details to claim.

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