VIDEO: Easy at-home HIIT workout to shred 510 calories

Check out this quick and easy at-home HIIT workout that will help you shred 500 Calories quickly and effectively without the need for a gym.
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At-home workouts, especially HITT workouts (otherwise known as high-intensity interval training workout) are AWESOME options for busy mums.

Not only are they fast and effective, but ideal for slotting in around the kids as they can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The Healthy Mummy fitness plans, including the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, focus on HIIT training as it’s been shown to be one of the best ways to burn calories and lose body fat.

After all, who doesn’t want to get fit….FAST!!!

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HIIT workout to shred 510 calories

Try this easy to follow HIIT workout to easily burn over 500 calories.  You can do these easy HIIT exercises at home, at the park, or pretty much anywhere.

Perform 6 rounds of this workout routines to burn approximately 510 calories, this 30 minute workout is the perfect at home workout to add to your regular workout routine.

Bicycles – 90 seconds

Lay on your back with your legs in your air moving them like you are riding a bike. These will work your lower body and build muscles in your legs whilst getting your heart rate up.

Jumping jacks with narrow squats – 90 seconds

You will perform jumping jacks but when you return your legs to the middle you do a narrow squat before returning to the ‘jack’ stance. The jumping jacks is a whole-body workout but in particular works your glutes and quadriceps whilst the squats will work on your inner quads, inner thighs and inner hamstrings.

Bridge with Reverse Fly – 90 seconds

While holding bridge pose and with weights, if you don’t have actual weights use some cans of food or other packet food that weighs the appropriate amount (this will depend on your fitness), have your arms straight out from your shoulders and raise your arms up straight and bring your hands together. Repeat these movements.

Holding bridge pose will isolate and strengthen your gluteus and hamstring muscles whilst also enhancing your core and abdominal muscles. Whilst the raising your arms with the weights will build your upper body strength as well as working your triceps and upper arms.

Reverse crunch – 90 seconds

Laying flat on your back raise your legs in the air with your hands by your side, raise your legs back towards your head lifting your butt off the floor just slightly.

This will work your lower body as well as strengthening your core muscle groups and works toward toning your abdominal muscles.

For more at home workouts that not only help you with weight loss but also work the total body and help you with toning your full-body, check out these 5 easy at home butt and thigh toning exercises.

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***Disclaimer: This information is to be used as a guide only. Know your own body and if constant bloating persists, we recommend you visit a physician or dietician to investigate the issue further.***

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