This mum is down 31.9kg and is the lightest she’s ever been in her adult life!

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This mama is the lightest she has EVER been in her adult life, wow!

Melanie has gone from 108.9kgs down to 77kgs, that’s an incredible 31.9kgs!

Melanie Vernon 14-11

The lightest she’s been in her adult life!

Melanie’s Healthy Mummy journey started in February this year, starting with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies. Two months later, she joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

And since that February, she is down 31.9kgs and gone from a size 16-18 to a size 10-12!

Melanie says, “I never thought I’d even see the 70’s on my scales but I am there and super proud and happy – this is the lightest I have weighed my entire adult life!!” 

Though she says she has a long way to go, Melanie has been loving the process. Not only has she recruited some friends to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge but she’s achieving things that she couldn’t have done six to seven months ago!

“I now can successfully run 5km with out stopping, do push us on my toes, do more than 10 burpees in a row and run multiple laps of the basketball court. I cannot wait to see what my body is capable of in another 6-7 months.” says Melanie.

She adds, “Yesterday I did the 1000 steps here over in south east suburbs of Melbourne with my 9kg baby attached to me – when I did them last time (about 5 years ago) I was so out of breath and so unfit! I could have gone round 2 this time over!”

Melanie’s life has totally changed and we are in awe of her transformation!

“My life has gotten so much more amazing in these last few months, I have gained so much more from losing over 30kgs.”

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