Get fit and lose weight with this great pram workout!

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Most mums get out daily with their bubs in a pram,  but few realise that it can be a great workout!

Increase your stroll into a stride and you’ll get a cardio workout. There are heaps of great exercises like pram squats or lunges for your strength workout. You can even create your own gym outdoors, using your pram, benches and steps in your local park or on your daily walk.

This is a great pram workout, just 11 exercises with a minute on each exercise. If you’re feeling energetic repeat for a 22 minute workout, 3 times for a 33 minute workout. You’re in control! Just remember there will never be a better time to get out and get fit!

Watch these 11 great exercises for a fast and effective 11 minute workout!


Running around pram to warm up

1. Incline Push-ups

Don’t forget to put the break on the pram! Incline push ups are brilliant for your core, chest and arms!

2. Incline Plank

A full body burner!! Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle, activate your core and don’t let your butt drop down! Beginners, skip the incline part!

3. Tricep Dips

These are awesome for strengthening and tightening the back of your arms! Keep your head facing forward, don’t look down.

4. Squat Jumps

Power through your heels, land softly and use your arms to propel yourself up. An awesome lower body calorie burner! Beginners can skip the jumping part!

5. Star Jumps/Jumping Jacks

A fun way to get your heart rate up and boost your cardio fitness!

6. Lunges

Activate your glutes with this effective movement, like squats you want to push through your heels, keeping your back straight lean into the lunge! Your stance should be slightly wider than hip-width when performing the lunge

7. Mountain Climbers

A full body movement, great for your abs and cardio!! Keep your self steady by engaging your core (think sucking your belly button to your back when tensing) Beginners can do one leg at a time instead of a jogging/jumping style

8. Narrow Squat Jumps

Keeping your legs at hip width apart, push through the heels, drive up with your arms and land softly before repeating. Don’t forget to steady yourself using your core muscles!

9. Incline Burpees

Burpees are a full body workout, that helps with building power and strength while also pushing you cardio limits!! Beginners can step back with one foot at a time and skip the jumping part!

10. Squat jumps with Pram

See point Exercise 4, but use the pram to steady and propel you upwards!

11. Sprints Forward and Back!

Full body cardio movement that will help with power and endurance!

Remember you have your very own work out buddy! So have fun.

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