These gorgeous mums are feeling happier and healthier than ever before!

It’s great to see how happy these amazing mums are and how positive they now feel towards their body after losing weight.
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It’s great to see how happy these amazing mums are and how positive they now feel towards their body after losing weight after signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Living a healthier lifestyle seems like an easy thing to do on paper, but in reality it’s always that straight forward!

Check out their amazing success stories below…

These gorgeous mums are feeling happier and healthier than ever before!

Christine Eccles

These gorgeous mums are feeling happier and healthier than ever before!

Christine recently went away with her family and was astonished at how different a trip is away after shedding the weight thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I can’t believe how my focus has not been on food, so much so that the grandkids have to remind me its snack or lunch time for the past two days,” she says. “I prepped the Caesar salad meat on Sunday and froze it, I just boiled the eggs and made dinner.

“Its a huge change and its all thanks to The Healthy Mummy. A long way from November’s carb overloaded trip away.

“I even could fit in the boat seat again (excuse oversize life jacket), being 12kg lighter and the kids loved me coming. I need the challenges to keep me on track.”

Lauren Buckley

Lauren admits she now feels more confident with the clothes she wears after losing weight and turning to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Talking of the photos above, she says, “Frombeing filled with dread and tears when shopping for a special occasion. TO having fun and enjoying fashion styles I could never have imagined! Thanks Healthy Mummy!”

Lauren’s top tips for those starting out:

1. Start each day as a new day. If you slipped up yesterday, don’t punish yourself today. You just need to start again.
2. Get a 2l water bottle and drink! If you’re at the shops also pick up a good set of electric kitchen scales and some measuring cups etc.
3. Don’t under eat your calories. Don’t worry about losing the weight fast. Focus on keeping it healthy and sustainable.
4. Make weekly, small, specific goals. I don’t ever make them weight related. It might be exercise. My water. Not picking off the kids plates. But all these little focused goals lead to bigger change
5. Don’t be afraid to make your menu to suit your family tastes, budget, lifestyle etc.
6. While setting up a weekly menu don’t be afraid to pick some things and keep them on repeat
and keep your week simple. I often only pick 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 2-3 snacks for the working week and just rotate around.
7. Make small goals to prioritise exercise. I started out with 5am workouts for 30mins x 3 times a week. I love exploring different content to keep me motivated and going.
8. Connect with the HM community. Find people that resonate. Discover new hacks and recipes. I post within this community as a way of keeping myself accountable.

9. But most importantly connect with your own story. As I find nothing motivates me more than seeing the changes in my own body! I know it’s hard and confronting. But take those photos.

Bernie Fanning

Bernie is now 25 kilos down, has slimmed down over 150 cms, dropped 4 dress sizes and more than halved her visceral fat. Amazing!

“It’s been 12 months of losing and nine months of maintaining, give or take a couple kilos going lower or higher in the process,” she says.

“I started at 82 kilos on July 1 2019, and currently am 57 kilos – my height is 154 cm.”

Bernie’s biggest tip is to burn more calories then you consume but also to eat well, especially for your mental health.

“The healthy mummy BMR calculator is great. I’ve been feeling down lately and haven’t been eating the best or working out and it’s been affecting my mental health,” she says.

“I lost motivation and forgot why I started this lifestyle change. Did I want to get up and do a workout ? Nope, but I’m so glad I did. I did a bike workout this morning and trying to find the joy in healthy eating and working out.”

Lilly Addamo 

Lilly admits she was unhappy before she joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“Thank you The Healthy Mummy for creating a better version of me. The photo in the white dress was me after baby number three and at my heaviest,” says Lilly.

“I was miserable, unhappy all the time, tired and didn’t want to leave the house. As the months rolled by I knew something had to be done otherwise I’d be this unhappy.

“Scrolling through Facebook and Insta I came across The Healthy Mummy and decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did!

“It wasn’t a quick fix, it wasn’t me starving myself, it wasn’t me depriving myself from food, it was the LIFESTYLE change I needed and I’ve never loved food so much! Thank you to all the team and for the social media support group.”

Jinjamarda Blue

Jinjamarda says she needed to overhaul her lifestyle not only to lose weight but also to look after her mental health.

“The biggest thing is that you need to do it for what is on the inside of you not what is on the outside,” she says.

“There is so much focus on the outward appearance and many, including myself in the beginning, use it as their motivation. Then often give up when they don’t see the results they’re after or stop once they achieve that sense of looking or feeling good or reach that ‘goal weight’.”

By focusing on your mental wellbeing and general health, the whole experience turns from a short term commitment to a lifestyle, she adds. And that’s when you’ll succeed!

“The physical change will happen as a positive byproduct rather than being a main focus. In the four years of my journey, I’ve lost 15kgs and gained 5 of those back in muscle, I’ve lost over 127cm from my body but gained self love and confidence along the way,” she says.

“Be proud of who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re heading in your journey because you are worth it!”

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