Top healthy ice-cream choices for weight loss

Discover guilt-free indulgence with The Healthy Mummy's blog post on the healthiest ice-creams for weight loss. Satisfy your cravings while staying on track with these delicious treats!
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Are you trying to lose baby weight? Is ice cream your weakness? If you’ve answered YES then this post is for you!

For a lot of women (ok, most women) ice-cream is hard to resist. However, knowing what’s in it (and what’s not) might just help you reduce your intake somewhat.

And good news is that we have healthy ice cream on the 28 Day Challenges

100g of ice cream can pack a big punch in terms of calories, fat and sugar, all of which are ingredients you need to reduce if you are trying to lose weight.

If you’re keen to find out what our top choices for healthy commercial branded ice-creams, we have the lowdown on the best choices right here.


Healthiest commercial branded ice creams

Ice Cream Nutrition Information
Ice Cream Portion Size Calories Fat Sugar
Chocolate Paddle Pop 54g 79 calories 1.6g fat 10.6g sugar
Skinny Cow Vanilla Chocolate Bar 67g 82 calories 1.8g fat 5.6g sugar
Bulla Light 98% Fat-Free Vanilla Ice Cream 100g 123 calories 1.6g fat 17.1g sugar
So Good Chocolate Bliss 100g 146 calories 2.9g fat 16.9g sugar
Peter’s Light and Creamy Ice Cream Vanilla 100g 158 calories 2.8g fat 20.3g sugar
Cadbury Light Vanilla Ice Cream 100g 158 calories 2.5g fat 25.8g sugar
Streets Blue Ribbon Light Ice Cream Vanilla 100g 163 calories 2.7g fat 20.6g sugar


If you’d rather make your own healthy ice-cream, we have some fabulous recipes.

Healthy Mummy Recipes For Healthier Ice Creams

Fruit Sorbet
One ingredient fruit sorbet
  1. Try your hand at making your own icy poles – these Homemade Berry Popsicles ones are a big hit with adults and kids alike.
  2. Sorbets are a way to enjoy ice cream – minus the cream! Our One Ingredient Fruit Sorbet is refreshing as well as healthier than traditional sugary sorbets.
  3. You could also try using yoghurt instead of cream, by making our Strawberry Coconut Frozen Delight or Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Sorbet.
  4. For an amazingly guilt-free treat, simply freeze some bananas and then whiz them up in the blender – recipe and details here for making this Banana Ice-Cream.

The main thing to remember is that you can enjoy everything in moderation. If you find that you can in fact stick to a small scoop of your favourite ice cream as a treat (and that does not mean every night!) you can still have it as part of your healthy eating plan, although we do think our homemade versions are way better.


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