These healthy mummies share their top tips to help you SMASH your goals

These healthy mummies share their top tips to help you SMASH your goals in 2022.
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We LOVE celebrating with the amazing mums in our Healthy Mummy community – and it’s been a BIG year for so many.
Below we celebrate all their hard work and amazing achievements on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
They also share all their amazing tips on how YOU can smash your weight loss goals…

Top tips for smashing your goals

Jessica Lewis has lost 19.2kg since June

Jessica joined because she wanted to simply feel better within herself, there weren’t any weight loss goals, she says.

“However, I started to lose weight, which was a huge bonus and motivator as I have never lost weight whilst breastfeeding before,” she says.

“My ultimate weight loss goal is to achieve my wedding day weight which I will work hard for in 2022 – 10 years since my wedding.

“I have broken down this goal into smaller milestones to help me stay motivated along the way as well as a bunch of non-scale victories I will achieve and celebrate throughout the journey.”

Jessica’s top tips for losing weight

1. Do not give up no matter how slow the weight is coming off.

There was a 5 week period I lost 400g – I pushed through and didn’t give up; having an accountability buddy helps with this as well as rewarding yourself for the wins (especially the non-scale ones!).

2. Involve everyone!

Make it a journey for your family, it’s much easier to stick to something if your family are on board and supporting you but also helping hold you accountable. It’s also more fun when you have a win as you can celebrate together.

3. Meal prep for what works for you!

I bulk cook treats and snacks, I do online grocery shopping and I also prep my veggies in advance. These small changes have helped me stick to my meal plan & make it much easier every day when you need food fast & also when out for the day.

4. Sentimental bonus tip – do this for you first and your family second and don’t forget that ‘why’.

As mums we so often put ourselves last on the priority list, the reality is; it’s hard to look after others if you don’t look after yourself so fill your bucket up ladies!

Lina Adams has lost 29kg in 12 months

Lina is a mum-of-two and her goal last year was to be healthier, keep consistent with the Healthy Mummy lifestyle and maintain my weight.

Her top tips are

1. Starting with making one or two small changes at a time, it can be drinking more water, creating a meal plan or starting a daily walk. These small choices form good habits and good routines.
2. Focus on the process and not the result, it takes time and consistency to change a habit.
3. Don’t focus on the scale or how quickly you can lose weight, but instead focus on creating sustainable routines that work best for you in the long run.

Laura Kukulovski has lost 21kg in six months

Laura’s goals were too lose weight and to start living and eating healthy.

Her top tips for losing weight:

  1. Belief in yourself is one of your most powerful tools, if you believe you can do it then you will.
  2. It’s okay to have setbacks, a lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight.
  3. Choose an item of clothing or a picture to measure your non-scale victories these are sometimes the most rewarding.
  4. Plan ahead. Sometimes I don’t always get to meal prep but if i have a plan of what I’m going eat for the week I find that helps to keep me on track too.
  5. Lastly just be kind to yourself. The first step is the biggest and you’ve already made the choice to take it

Bec Tickner has lost 14kg

Bec decided to join and has 14kg and gone down nearly 3 dress sizes!

“My initial goal when I started was to loose 18kg, but since becoming a Healthy Mummy my goal has changed to not only reaching my goal weight,” she says.

“I also want to be fitter and healthier than ever, I want to be a good role model to my boys and teach them good Healthy eating and lifestyle habits.”

Laura’s advice for losing weight:

1. Take it slow any step forward is in the right direction, don’t look at this as a diet look at it as a lifestyle change.

2. Make realistic goals and forgive yourself if you stumble, you are only human.

Kelly Craven has lost 21kg

Kelly has lost 21kgs and gone from a size 24-26 down to a size 18-16 but is fitting into a few 14s!

“I started out just wanting to lose the weight after my daughter was born. However, the weight crept back on during lockdown 2020 and it got that bad I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,” she says.

“My main goal is to reverse my fatty liver and I am doing just that!”

Kelly’s top tips for losing weight:

“My top tips are to create that positive mindset, take baby steps, have patience and just be consistent, and as time goes on you’ll find yourself in a routine.”

Kate Kernan has lost 8.2kg

Kate says, “First of all, I wanted to FEEL good again, get my confidence back, fit back into my clothes comfortably and like what I saw in the mirror.

“My clothing was all tight, I needed to buy yet another larger size, I was not happy nor comfortable. I really disliked seeing myself in the mirror and in photos.

“I didn’t want to aim for a number because that seemed like it would never happen. I concentrated on pushing myself daily, making myself feel good and proud of daily achievements.”

Kate’s top tips to help mums smash their goals:

1. Set realistic goals, try not to use numbers.

Such as reaching your Target calories daily, moving your body for a certain amount of time per week, making sure you have customised your meal plan and done your groceries before Monday.

Having a goal piece of clothing is fantastic too, this way you can watch your progress as you fit more and more comfortable into it.

2. My biggest tip – PUSH YOURSELF.

This is the one thing that you NEED to do. You may not feel like it to begin with, however it does get easier over time.

If you don’t tell yourself and make yourself to do these things, you won’t see changes. If you have a spare half hour and you’re sitting on the couch, get up and do a 10 minute App workout.

3. Push the excuses aside.

Often we use “Too tired/I’m on medication/I’ve got an injury/I don’t have time”.

As much as you don’t want to believe it, these are excuses and you won’t see progress until you stop using them or work around them.

4. Make it work for YOU and your Family.

The Healthy Mummy App is a tool, use it to help you. Customise your meal plans, ask your Family what they want to eat and find similar recipes, adjust recipes to suit.

Repeat snacks to make daily life easier, switch in smoothies for breakfast if mornings are tough, get your dinner ingredients ready of a morning making your evenings easier.

Choose an exercise plan that suits your situation, if you have a short break, choose a 5 minute Tabata workout, these are short but get your heart rate up.

Work your way around the App, realise there is so much more to it than just the plans, make it work for YOU!

5. There is no magic for weight loss, it does not happen overnight

The key to successful weight loss is sustainability.

I choose healthy MOST of the time and do not deprive myself, having old favourites SOME of the time.

You need something that does not feel like a chore, it needs to be an everyday thing that you find easy and helpful.

  1. Reach out for help if you need it!

The Healthy Mummy have fantastic support groups, full of like-minded women who are also trying to do their best.

If you feel stuck or need an extra push, post or comment on someone’s post. There is always someone around to help, support or just talk and doing so will give you that little push to keep going.

Kim Aitchison has lost 15kg

Kim says she is feeling 20 years younger!

“Not just from the weight loss but I have so much energy now, my skin is glowing and I am sleeping better,” she says.

“My posture has been corrected and I am even going to the local gym.”

Kim’s top tips for weight loss:

  1. I can’t stress enough about drinking water.
  2. Get out of bed early and do a workout then so it’s done.

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