How a recommendation from a friend helped this mum to lose 14kgs!

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Paula’s struggled with weight issues her whole life, but now she’s lost over 14kgs thanks to her friend introducing her to The Healthy Mummy. Read her amazing story here!

How a recommendation from a friend helped this mum to lose 14kgs!

Paula’s story

In November 2015, Paula’s close friend Tasheena Snow lost a mountain of weight. And when she asked Tasheena what her secret was, she pointed her in The Healthy Mummy direction.

Paula reveals, “My first 3 months were hit and miss then in February 2016 I tipped the scales at 99.5 kgs. Thinking that’s 500 grams short of weight 100kgs.”

For her whole life, Paula had weight issues and was teased about it at school.

“I loved sport cricket and soccer and played these at school. But it wasn’t until I was 16 that I said enough is enough. I joined a gym and ate a healthy diet and got down to 75kgs. I remember putting my hands around my waist my fingers touching and thinking life is great.”

But after finding her Mr Right, some obstacles occurred. Paula got married, had four pregnancies and two children and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and the weight slowly crept on.

“Soon I was teetering between 90-95 kgs, tried exercising and eating healthy but nothing worked as well as The Healthy Mummy.”

Paula now weighs in at 85kgs and is slowly working towards her goal of 75kgs.

“But I’m happy, healthy and more inspired to help and motivate others.”

That’s wonderful Paula, well done with everything!

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