How our Mum and Kids Workouts are helping Mums and Kids burn off energy!

Try these mum and kids workouts to stay on trac, spend time with your kids and help them burn off some extra energy.
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Mums have found the perfect way to get their kids moving and smash their own health goals at the same time!!

The Healthy Mummy have some awesome family-friendly Mum and Kids Workouts as part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and mums and kids all over the country are LOVING them!

Check out the mum and kids’ workouts from The Healthy Mummy App!

Get a workout in and help your kids get fit whilst enjoying some quality time together with our mum and kid’s workouts! These workouts are like the normal Healthy Mummy workouts but also give you time with your kids that helps them burn some of their crazy energy.

Why mums love the mum and kids’ workouts!

The mums in The Healthy Mummy community are loving our Mum and Kids workouts because it helps them stay on track and gives them quality time with the kids. Plus, who doesn’t want to help burn off some of the energy their kids have.

Check out what some of our mums are saying about the workouts.

Monkey see Monkey do

Mums are the perfect role models for kids when it comes to creating healthy habits. And now, with these workouts, that just got a little easier. While The Healthy Mummy has been helping mums smash their health goals for over 10 years, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge benefits the entire family! From family-friendly recipes to products for dads and kids, these workouts get the whole family moving, including your little monkeys!

This type of screen time is the perfect FIT for kids!

These Mum and Kids workouts are giving mums the perfect opportunity to involve their kids in staying active. They’re getting quality time together, helping the little ones burn off excess energy whilst smashing their own health goals.

What’s more, they are only 10 minutes long so no chance for the kids to get bored plus there are lots of mums and kids workouts to choose from too, from HIIT, to Animal Exercise, to Cardio Fun and lots more!

For families stuck in lockdown, these workouts have been a godsend!

See what Mums are saying about these workouts!

Mum of 4, Sascha from Sydney, finds that breaking up the day with these workouts has really helped her son burn off the energy he would usually use running around a playground.

Sascha says, “My son and I absolutely love the Mum and Kids workouts. My older 2 always want to join in with me but to actively say this is for you make them so happy! It definitely made him more confident in getting involved and we had SO much fun! It’s made lockdown just that little bit easier!”

Mum of 5, Hannah Pech from South Australia loves that these workouts have been made with kids in mind.

“My kids have always loved joining in with my at-home workouts, but now they feel even more included! They particularly love animal exercises! I love that they are short to meet their attention span, and we can string a few together if we have more time!”

Mum of 4 Cat Christ from Queensland has got her 3-year-old Cooper joining in with these workouts.

“Cooper loves getting involved when he sees me working out! He’s full of beans, so these Healthy Mummy Workouts with Kids are perfect to burn off a little excess energy right from the lounge room.”

Fi Redding is expecting her second baby and loves how these new workouts are keeping her 2-year-old son occupied.

“Mr 2 loves ‘helping’ me exercise, so having some exercises where he can watch and copy other children is great for him. The animal exercises have been a big hit!!! (Though he’s kept being a cat for the last half hour )”

Amanda is pretty pleased with how the workouts are burning up her son’s energy.

“What’s better than finding time to exercise? Not having to find time and enjoying moving our bodies alongside our kids! Ryder, aged 10, is bouncing with energy and never stops. The new Workouts with Kids are quick, fun, energetic and burn some of those energy stores. Win!”

Healthy Mummy Amanda Grace has found her new exercise buddy!

“Mr 5 loves trying these workouts with me, finally something we both can do, teaching him the building blocks to better health and fitness. He loves now joining me, which is fantastic, my little exercise buddy.”

Michelle Knight and her son Sebastian give the workouts the thumbs up!

‘Do you want to do more things with the kids?  Yep, me too. We did one of the workouts and gosh golly it gave us a workout. 

I absolutely love how family-friendly the 28 Day Challenge app is and now even more so thanks to the awesome new kids workouts. Love love love em and even Sebastian gave them the two thumbs up. What a great way to get the kids involved.’

Work out with Jade

These amazing new family-friendly workouts are being led by our awesome Dance Cardio trainer Jade!

Jade is an AMAZING dance teacher and personal trainer. And along with all things dance and fitness, Jade knows a thing or two about keeping kids occupied with two little daughters of her own.

Jade is super excited to bring the new family-friendly workouts to life!

Jade says, “I absolutely love this new program because it provides the perfect opportunity for you to get moving while spending quality time with your kids and family as a whole. These workouts are only 10 minutes long, designed for all ages and fitness levels so you can have a great time breaking a sweat together!”

“There are HIIT workouts, cardio style sessions and we even take it down a notch to focus on stretching and breathing. Improve your stamina, strength, agility, flexibility, coordination.. and even your knowledge on animals as you navigate through this fun new program with your family.” 

Did you know we also have baby-wearing workouts in the Healthy Mummy App?


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