“I was honestly as unhealthy as it gets!” How this mum lost 44kgs and transformed her life

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In the last two years, Cicily’s totally transformed her life and her ditched her unhealthy habits. She used to binge on fast food but now she’s lost 44kgs and is just 10kgs away from her goal weight thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, AMAZING!

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Cicily’s story

It started out as a weight loss journey for Cicily, but it has actually been a lot more about happiness for this mama.

Cicily says, “If you had of told me this time two years ago that I’d now be running a mum’s health group, that I was the person people asked for advice, and motivating others… I don’t think I could have ever believed that.”

“I was honestly as unhealthy as it gets!” 

Breakfast for Cicily was usually bacon, eggs and sausages or something late at the shops, food court style. Lunch would be fast food like KFC in massive quantities and fast food again for dinner, or an excessive meal like spaghetti bolognese with heaps of pasta and cheese. What’s more, the portion would be so large Cicily would eat until it made her sick and then eat more.

Cicily would also drink heaps of soft drink, iced coffee and flavoured milk throughout the day and snack on lollies, chocolate, chips etc. whilst binge watching episodes.

But Cicily says if this is you, you CAN turn your life around!

“A lot of the time I’d eat organic and heaps of veggies, fermented foods etc. It was kind of like I was trying to hide it from myself and everyone else? I honestly don’t know what was going on in my mind. Denial. I was in such a deep, toxic place. Pretending I was okay but really I was a huge mess.” 

But now, Cicily is happier and healthier than ever. 

“I’ve completely transformed my life and that honestly still shocks me. I can lose weight and still eat chocolate, burgers, pizza etc. I’ve just learnt to do it in a healthy way by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.” 

Cicily remembers feeling like it was such a daunting task…but she’s done it and we couldn’t be prouder!

“The Challenge is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. It makes my life incredibly easy and has given me knowledge soo valuable that I never would have understood otherwise.”

Go Cicily! We are so impressed, keep up your fab work!

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