Inspirational mums feeling FABULOUS and loving their new healthy bodies

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These mums have all shown amazing persistence and determination on their journey’s to a healthier lifestyle. They’ve all been rewarded with weight loss and a new appreciation of themselves!!

And they are, quite rightly proud of their achievements and are celebrating their success.

Be inspired by these four incredible women below!

‎Shelly Hedley‎

Shelly says, “I love to look back on photos and see first hand just how far I’ve come because some days I still feel like I’m that woman on the left, sad I know but I need reminding some days just how far I’ve come.

On the left, I weighed 91kg with an overactive thyroid and now on the right I’m 75.5kg with a now under control thyroid. I’m 11 months into my journey and cannot wait to see what else I can achieve. You can have anything you put your mind too.”

‎Sophie Roberts

Sophie says, “Flashback to 4 years ago when I weighed over 100kgs, wore a size 20 and felt worthless. I took zero care of myself and that was reflected in my physical and mental health.

Today, I literally feel like a different person. The Healthy Mummy not only has taught me about how to nourish and move my body, it has also taught me to enjoy everything in moderation. I never feel deprived or like I can’t have something. I can enjoy a treat and then move on, no need to feel guilty or punish myself.

That’s why this program is sustainable, it’s a lifestyle, it’s forever.

Jessica Dunajsky‎

Jessica says, “I am so proud of my Healthy Mummy results.

I hated getting up in front of a group of people and speaking, not because I have a fear of public speaking, but because I was so self-conscious of how I looked. I was worried there was going to be photos taken and that I would look really big in them.

Now I have found my style, I love getting dressed up and don’t mind if photos get taken of me. Hubby may even think I love photos being taken a bit to much! But I am body confident now. Sure I’m not tanned, I have loose skin and tiger stripes, but this mumma has grown two babies in that belly. This mumma has worked hard and has got results and for all those things I am super proud. Dad’s can rock the dad bod, well I am rocking the mum bod.

Food is my fuel, I nourish my body with it and in return my body loves me back.

I’m super excited for the belly and booty blasting challenge and I am ready to keep kicking my goals this Winter.

Mon Toy

Mon says, “If I focussed on the number my scales tell me then this month has been a yoyo month for me.

If I choose to focus on how I’m feeling inside and out and how my clothes are fitting. Then I’m feeling….FABULOUS!!!

When putting on size 12 jeans that two months ago didn’t fit, to then trying them on last month, to them doing up but not comfortably, then to today they fit perfectly and are actually loose.

These are the results that make me feel like I am achieving. I’m fitter than ever, I’m healthier than ever and I am HAPPIER than before.”

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