How this amazing mum-of-two has lost over 50kg! “I feel like I am becoming ‘ME'”

Jessica Townsend has lost a grand total for 52kg after following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!
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Jessica Townsend has a grand total for 52kg after following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

This mum-of-two had lost 15kg on her own then joined The Healthy Mummy for the extra community support and lost 37kg.

“I think when I was told I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a lawyer if I was fat that hit hard, because they weren’t insulting my body but implied my intelligence was related to my weight,” she says.

How Jessica lost the weight

Jessica is 35 years old from Western Sydney. She has two teenage boys aged 15 and 16.
It’s taken Jessica around two years to lose the weight, as she has chronic pain and exercise is difficult for her.

“I never gave up. I just feel more energetic, there is less impact on my bones which helps pain management,” she says.

“I feel great within myself. I feel like I am becoming ‘ME’. Before losing weight, I felt like I was waiting until I was ‘skinny enough’ to do anything.

“When I changed my outlook to living life as if I was at my goal, the motivation followed.”

Jessica is quite rightly feeling pretty proud of her achievement!

“I still have a LOT of weight to lose (about 30kg to go) but so far: 

Starting Weight: 182.2kg size 26/28

Weight Now: 129kg size 16/18

I am excited to have reached the 50kg loss mark”

Jessica’s top tips for success

  • Don’t wait until you reach your goal to live life.
  • Live as if you had reached your goal and the motivation will follow.

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