John Legend on equal parenting: ‘So much more is expected of women and so little of men’

John Legend says he's sick he is of people shame Chrissy, 33, and not him when it comes to parenting things. He believes mums and dads should be equal.
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John Legend has been getting some stick lately from his wife Chrissy Teigen over the lack of photos he takes of her with the kids.

But the Ordinary People singer is anything but a bad dad or husband.

In fact, he’s quite amazing in how much he is pushing for mums and dads to be treated equally.


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John Legend says parenting should be more equal between mums and dads

Recently, the 40-year-old star highlighted how sick he is of people mum shaming Chrissy, 33.

“Funny there’s no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it,” he Tweeted.

Speaking of that time in a recent interview with the Huffington Post, John, who is dad to Luna, 3, and Miles, 1, says: “We both were going out, and it was a couple weeks after Luna was born.

“We had child care. She wasn’t home by herself. Chrissy got criticized, and I was right next to her and didn’t get criticized.

“It just lets you know, those are the different expectation levels a lot of people have for men and women, and I think we need to have conversations to evolve past that.”


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John has also teamed up with Pampers and Koala Kare to pledge for 5,000 changing tables to be installed in public restrooms across the US.

“So much more is expected of women, and so little is expected of men,” he told the publication.

“Every time a man does even the smallest thing, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, that’s so amazing, he’s such a great dad.

“Meanwhile, women are doing lots more, and it’s assumed that’s what they’re supposed to do.

“They’re not celebrated for it. I think part of changing behaviours and the ways we interact with each other is changing the way we talk about these things, and I think one way we can do that is not to lower the bar so much for men.”


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John says the reason he’s advocating for more baby change tables in restrooms are so that there isn’t any excuses.

“But bottom line is, let’s make it more convenient for dads, and let’s say that it’s not just a woman’s job to do this,” he adds.

“Men can share in this role as well, and let’s make sure there are facilities out there that make it possible.”

What a legend (pun intended)! If only more partners had this view.

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