Study shows that lifting weights for just THREE SECONDS a day helps build muscle

A new study by scientists has shown that lifting weights for just THREE seconds a day can help build muscle.
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You don’t need to spend hours in the gym lifting weights in order to see results.

In fact, a new study by scientists has shown that lifting weights for just THREE seconds a day can help build muscle.

Experts from Edith Cowan University monitored students doing different types bicep curl at their maximum effort, five days a week for a month.

Study shows that lifting weights for just THREE SECONDS a day helps build muscle

How doing weights for JUST three seconds a day can help build muscle

Researchers found that those who performed the same curl saw a 10% increase in their muscle strength in just four weeks.

Another group performed no exercise over the same period and there was no increase in muscle mass. 

Lead researcher Ken Nosaka says, “In this particular study, we wanted to know the minimal stimulus for the muscle to get stronger.

“The study results suggest that a very small amount of exercise stimulus, even 60 seconds in four weeks, can increase muscle strength.

“Many people think you have to spend a lot of time exercising, but it’s not the case. Short, good-quality exercise can still be good for your body and every muscle contraction counts.”

However, Nosaka’s team is yet to find out whether the finding applies to other muscle groups.

“We haven’t investigated other muscles yet, but if we find the three-second rule also applies to other muscles, then you might be able to do a whole-body exercise in less than 30 seconds,” he said.

“Also, performing only one maximal contraction per day means you don’t get sore afterwards.”

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Study shows that lifting weights for just THREE SECONDS a day helps build muscle

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