This mummy lost 33kg* after learning her kids could end up without a mother

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After feeling unwell with serious heart palpitations, hair falling out, and constantly feeling exhausted, Sam knew she had to make a change. Cue The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

At almost 33kg* down and going from a size 20+ down to 12 and even some 10’s, Sam Geeves is finally living life again!

Sam Geeves before and after pic

Sam’s health scare led to her best life yet!

“I went to the GP and that was enough to scare me into reality and make me realise if I didn’t do something NOW my kids may end up without a mother.”

The before photo is 1 year after Sam’s third baby and she says she was already overweight before she had kids from emotional overeating during stressful times, neglecting her health and indulging in bad food choices and alcohol. The after photo shows a much happier and healthier Sam.

“I was so uncomfortable, tired, hiding from photos, sad, and embarrassed about what I had done to myself.”

As Sam continues her journey she is edging closer to her goals with help from The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenges and the amazing support from her local group and everyone else in the Healthy Mummy Community!

“All because I made the choice to put my health first. I committed to the 28 Day Challenge and I threw myself into it 100%!”

Well done Sam, what an amazing transformation!

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