Midwife on the benefits of The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie

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Midwife, Lactation consultant (IBCLC), Child and Family Health Nurse, Babywearing consultant and mum of two, Bel Moore, discusses The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie and how it can be beneficial for expecting mums.

Pregnancy and weight gain. Pregnant women require approximately 300 additional calories per day from the second trimester to meet the needs of the growing fetus.

It is normal and necessary to gain weight during pregnancy, however gaining too much weight can increase the risk of gestational diabetes and birth complications, put baby at risk of being born macrosomic (>4.5 kg), experiences low blood sugars post delivery and increases their risk of obesity later in life.

healthy mummy pregnancy smoothie

Midwife on the benefits of The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie

Healthy weight gain in pregnancy is dependent on pre pregnancy BMI, so can range from 5-18kgs.

The Healthy Mummy’s Pregnancy Smoothie is specially formulated and differs from the regular range in ingredients and purpose.

It is to be used as a nutritional snack, not as a meal replacement to assist in healthy weight gain during pregnancy and complement prenatal vitamin intake.

Women can achieve the additional calories, vitamins and minerals that are needed in pregnancy by using the high protein, high calcium smoothie formula which is packed full of vital vitamins and minerals in safe levels.

Pregnancy Smoothie Mix and it’s ingredients

Some of the ingredients included in the pregnancy smoothie mix that are beneficial in pregnancy include:

Folic acid: Pregnant women require approximately 600mcg of folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. The Pregnancy Smoothie mix provides 100mcg per serve to supplement prenatal vitamins.

Calcium: One serve of the Pregnancy Smoothie mix provides 400mg of calcium. Some research has shown adequate calcium levels reduce the risk of gestational hypertensive disorders.

Iodine:  A woman’s iodine requirements increase substantially during pregnancy to ensure an adequate supply to the fetus, as it is essential for healthy brain development. The iodine added to the Pregnancy Smoothie complements the intake from prenatal vitamins.

Vitamin D: The pregnancy mix provides 50% of the RDI of Vit D. Vit D is needed to absorb calcium from food. Vitamin D levels in the mother correlate to the levels in the fetus during pregnancy so a baby can be born with low vitamin D levels and need supplementation if the mother is deficient.

Vitamin B6: 50% of  the recommended daily intake (RDI) is added to the smoothie formula. It is vital for fetal brain and nervous system development but studies have also shown in can reduce nausea. Ginger is also included in the pregnancy mix, which can also assist with morning sickness.

Iron:  Pregnant women should consume approximately 27mg of iron per day to reduce risk of maternal anaemia, puerperal sepsis, low birth weight and preterm birth. Low iron stores in pregnant women can reduce energy levels and correlate directly with low iron stores in newborns.

Magnesium: Magnesium has been shown to ease muscle cramps and restless legs, which is common in pregnancy. Magnesium is best absorbed transdermally (through the skin) so you can further reduce cramps by applying magnesium oil onto the legs.

Fibre: 14.3 % of the RDI. Due to hormonal and weight changes during pregnancy, pregnant women can experiences changes in bowel habits. Increased fibre can reduce risk of constipation and haemorrhoids.


The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothies are a suitable complement to the daily diet of pregnant mothers, including those with gestational diabetes.

You can download The Healthy Mummy’s Pregnancy Smoothie Factsheet here. You can also purchase yours HERE

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