Monkey see, monkey do! The positive impact your HEALTHY lifestyle has on your KIDS

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Committing to living a healthy lifestyle is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your kids because as you know, they are always watching. Monkey see, monkey do!

Mums who take part in our Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge get to experience the positive impact on their kids, first hand. For many mums this has been a huge REWARD that they had not anticipated.

Some of our INCREDIBLE mums share their experiences below. WARNING!! The CUTENESS barometer is off the charts!

“She loves doing what I do and loves that our running shoes match – both pink!”

Kate Jacklin says “As soon as the word ‘walk’ is mentioned is all I hear from Alice is ‘can I come, can I wear my exercise clothes?’ Today we were jogging along together and Alice mentioned really excitedly ‘Mum our shoes match!’ Of course, they are both pink.

From exercising in the lounge with The Healthy Mummy App workouts, walking the dog or even just walking to the shop, Alice has to join in. She loves doing anything I do, even helping in the kitchen. It gives me a sense of achievement that both Alice and Arlo understand that moving our bodies is a good thing and they always want to join in”.

“My kids love to decorate their own pizza’s”.

Vanessa McAdam says “We have had such fun today – the request was for pizza – and thanks to Healthy Mommy fresh, delicious pizza was made!
This recipe is simple and family friendly!”.

Get the free Healthy Mummy pizza dough recipe

“We love exploring the great outdoors”.


Sarah Cryer says “Who loves being an active roll model to their kids? Thanks to The Healthy Mummy, we love getting out and about and exploring the great outdoors!”

“I’m hoping that when they grow up ‘cooking healthy’ is what they’ll know”

Melissa Timmer says “Cooking with the kids can be daunting, but I want them to know how to be able to make healthy snacks themselves so I start them young. Hopefully when they grow up healthy is what they’ll know and they will continue with the habits I have been teaching them.

These are a fav the oatmeal, banana coconut blueberry muffins from the Healthy Mummy Challenge.

Miss 2 thought she may need goggles it could get messy lol”.

“It’s quite often my daughters choice to head outside for exercise”

Courtney Thursfield says “One of the my favorite things about being a Healthy Mummy has been seeing the changes in my daughter.

We love to cook together, we love to go for walks together and it’s quite often her making the choice to head outside to exercise.

Our Saturday afternoons are generally spent going for a big walk as a family, we choose new places all the time to go on adventures and see what we can find.

The exercise that comes from the walk is fantastic, but the conversations that we have with no iPads or computers or phones is priceless.

I also love that Miss 5 has full understanding now of the difference between ‘sometimes food’ and ‘all the time’ foods.

When we pick lunch box items now it’s Zoe choosing a number of ‘all the time foods’ and a couple of ‘sometimes’ snacks.

It’s been great to see how quickly the understanding of being healthy has fallen into place.

“My 3 year old loves to help me make banana breakfast bars”

Heather Sheppard Krumbholz says “My 3 year old loves the banana breakfast bars. She is helping me whip up a batch here. I love that my health journey has become a family affair”.

“My daughter loves doing Dance Fit with me in matching activewear!”

Emma Mirams says “Every time I get in activewear Olivia (aged 5) wants to wear it too.

I saw these matching sets online recently and couldn’t pass them up. She was OH SO EXCITED to be matching mummy.. then demanded a black t-shirt and her hair the same.

We both regularly love doing a bit of Dance Fit and Fitness Marshall together. My 3 year old son enjoys fitness Marshall too as they love singing and dancing along. I love that we can have fun and exercise together so naturally.

I think it is very important to have the kids involved in being healthy. So many kids these days are inactive and spend so much time in front of screens that it’s important to get the moving.

My kids get excited when I go to the gym. I have found Olivia doing her “squats” and push ups in the morning while I’m getting us all ready to go… as she too wants to get her exercise in.

I love that they know that I enjoy exercise and that it is a part of our family life.

My husband is a keen cyclist and Olivia loves going for 6km bike rides with Dad. They disappear most weekends on bike adventures”.

“My fitness level compared to theirs is so different but now we do one hike a month”

Rebecca Bate says “We hiked up Mt Ngungun. Sunshine Coast. It was the first hike I had done in ages and the girls absolutely loved it. We now do one a month, because of it. However my fitness level compared to theirs is so much different.

The oldest Telahea, and two youngest Athena and Dakota, all ran it. They got to the top, then came back down to where I was and walked with me up.

The second oldest Elizabeth, has ASD, so she stayed with me the whole way.

It was so worth it when we got to the top.

We then went to the beach to cool down after lol. It was a big day, but they loved it”.

“My kid’s saw me on the treadmill so of course they had to do it”

Not wanting to miss out on anything Rebecca Bate says “My kid’s saw me on the treadmill so of course they had to do it”.

“My 3 year old is always wanting to help”

Jennifer Williams says “This is my youngest, she is 3. She is always wanting to help and making muffins is one of our favorite things to do.

I’m not the best in the kitchen, but I can make muffins. So this is our go-to. Healthy Mummy Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins.

Knowing they are healthy is a big plus!

I love that I can share these new recipes with my kids. My oldest is super picky, and she actually liked these”.

To get access to this recipe join The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“As a single mum-of-4 this is how we incorporate exercise and play”

Amy Atkinson says “As a single mum-of-4 children it is hard to get to the gym or exercise alone.

I will quite often exercise at home using the 28 Day Challenge exercises (dance fit is our family fav to do together) but if the weather is nice we will head to our local duck park and walk around together keeping active.

I’m always choosing parks that have the exercise equipment as that means I can also get some exercise in while playing with the kids.

Before I joined The Healthy Mummy it was very rare for us to go to the park or kid friendly walking tracks as I just didn’t have the energy to load them all up and run around with them.

Thanks to The Healthy Mummy we are now a very active family and enjoy going out’.

“I find when they help make dinner they eat more”

And it’s not just our Challenge mums that see the benefits of setting a good example for our kids and involving them in our healthy lifestyle. Our Healthy Mummy founder Rhian does too.

She says “Kids in the kitchen! I am a big believer in getting the kids involved – I have 2 VERY fussy eating boys and I honestly find that when they help make dinner they eat more!

Here is my 8 year old helping do the hidden veggie nuggets and he loved loved loved helping and he can’t wait to eat them!”.

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank all these AMAZING mums for sharing their photos with us. What an INSPIRATION they are? We love that they are setting such a great example for their children about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.


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