Mum-of-5 fills her freezer with ‘meat free’ meals ready for the 12 Week Challenge

Mum of 5 made a pledge to eat one meat free meal a week for 12 weeks and spent half a day in the kitchen prepping a freezer full of veggie meals!
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Mum of 5 Hannah Pech has had some incredible weight loss success with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge losing a whopping 35 kilos!

Hannah has committed to the 12 Week Challenge and while her goals aren’t solely about weight loss, she is keen to push the boundaries when it comes to food! With that in mind, Hannah spent half a day in the kitchen prepping a freezer full of meat-free meals!

Find out more about Hannah’s 12 Week Pledge and what she made below!

Hannah has been living the Healthy Mummy lifestyle for over 3 years, but with the Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge opportunity, Hannah has spent some time reading the 12 Week Challenge Toolkit and organising her focus for the next 3 months.

Hannah says, “ I’ve decided it’s time to step up and take my pledge to the next level”.

My pledge includes ‘having one meat free day a week, for the 12 weeks of the challenge. This is something that is exciting, daunting but I’m really looking forward to!

There are often lots of different reasons for wanting to commit to eating less meat, and while Hannah admits to finding the prospect a bit daunting, she has plenty of good reasons for giving it a go.

Hannah’s reasons for going ‘meat free’.

  1. By going meat-free I will try new recipes in the app, and get out of my comfort zone. The app is full of so many amazing recipes, but I know I am a creature of habit. I feel my making myself go meat-free I will try new things and find some new favourite gems within the app.
  2. Try new foods! Find some good meat alternatives and substitutes. I’m not usually a person who eats lentils and keep my vegetable selection fairly basic! I’m excited to get out of this comfort zone and expose my menu to new foods!
  3. Explore the app more. Use it to its best ability with the vegetarian filter. My job is made so easy thanks to the ‘vegetarian’ filter within the app. I get excited each Wednesday when the new meal plan is released to see what recipes I can include and try out!
  4. Increase my fibre, fruit and veggies! When meat is taken off the table, having more fruit and vegetables to substitute this is a natural progression. I want this to become a habit that then continues throughout the entire week. I’m excited to get more grains, legumes and beans on my menu!
  5. Do my bit for the environment. By going meat free for one day, I feel like I’m decreasing my footprint on the environment.
  6. Save some money!

Eating less meat undoubtedly will have an effect on shopping expenses, and this is a real motivator for Hannah.

“Generally, produce costs less than meat, so as a mum of 5 kids on a budget this will help the weekly grocery bill! I’ve only ever gone ‘meat free’ for 1 day in my life so being prepared for me is key. This includes ensuring I have put time aside to get organised!”

Hannah’s meat free meal prep!

Hannah put just half a day aside before the Challenge started to meal prep all her meat free meals so she is totally prepared for her meat free day!

“When the day pops up in the week I have no excuse not to succeed and follow it through! 

What Hannah made

50 x sweet potato and lentil veggie rolls

4 x  serves lentil soup

4 x serves lentil bolognaise

4 x serves Baked tortilla stack

You can find all these recipes on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

My freezer is now full! This means at least one meal for each of those 12 days during the challenge is covered!”

There are heaps of amazing and delicious vegetarian recipes in the Healthy Mummy App which are easy to search using the Vegetarian Filter.

Hannah plans on trying out these recipes too.

Roast pumpkin and lentil salad, Spicy hummus and veggie rice paper rolls and Lentil and vegetable Shepherds pie. Get the recipe here

Lentil Shepherds Pie

For more about Hannah’s incredible transformation – click here

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