Mum with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism shares how she lost 18kg and is transforming her life

Mum Debbie shares how she has managed to lose an impressive 18kgs despite having Hashimoto's hyperthyroidism disorder. And it is easier than you think.
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Mum Debbie Nash has a lot to celebrate. She is currently at her lightest weight since she was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism over 10 years ago.

By following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and enjoying the delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothies she has lost an impressive 18kg.

No longer using her hypothyroidism as an excuse, she proves that with the right program and support it is possible to achieve your goals.

She shares her weight loss journey below.


What makes Debbie’s weight loss such an achievement is that she has Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism disease.

What is Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism?

Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies directed against the thyroid gland leading to chronic inflammation.

In Debbie’s case, she says “my metabolism is non-existent so finding the energy to exercise can be a struggle most days.

It’s harder for those with Hashimoto’s to lose weight.”

Finding The Healthy Mummy program

Like many mums, after Debbie had her youngest child in 2015 she found she was no longer happy with how she looked.

By June 2016 she stumbled across The Healthy Mummy program and decided to give it a try. She says “I signed up with the Healthy Mummy when my local consultant Caren Reynolds offered a month to be the motivating mum for her local Facebook group.

Debbie admits she used to use her diagnosis as an excuse for not getting out and exercising nor eating the right foods.

But with the support of her local Healthy Mummy consultant Caren and the rest of her group she has stopped making excuses and is making some significant progress towards reaching her weight loss goal.

Debbie says “Caren and her group has been a huge support for me.

I lost a bulk lot of weight in May 2017 and I’ve maintained that loss.

I’m still pushing to get to my goal weight but lately, I’m losing cms rather than weight through exercise.”


Above left photo, Debbie says “I was trying to out-exercise a bad diet.”

Above right photo “I know that this is a lifestyle change and I’ve learnt it’s ok to not eat that last bite of food if I’m full.

I’ve got a family friends funeral tomorrow and I was about to head to the shops when I thought I’d just try on what I already had.

I was actually surprised this top and skirt fit me again”. 

Sticking with The Healthy Mummy lifestyle

Debbie understands that The Healthy Mummy program is focused on helping mums to live a healthy lifestyle rather than simply give them a quick fix.

She says “Almost 3 years later I’m still here.

I’ve stuck with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges because without it I’d be lost.

Having the support of such an amazing network with my local Healthy Mummy group has been the biggest motivator for me (besides my boys).

My family have adapted to The Healthy Mummy way of life and my eldest autistic son also has the smoothies every day.”

Debbie’s own BANANA & MINT BANG Smoothie recipe.

250 mls coconut (milk of choice)
1 frozen banana
2 tbsp oats
2 sprigs of fresh mint
2 tbsp chocolate Healthy Mummy smoothie mix
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp coconut
1 tsp cinnamon

Blend for 2 minutes or more.

Delicious healthy recipes for the whole family

“I love that I’m feeding my 3-year-old delicious and healthy food without the added nasties”. Get the recipe here for delicious Nut-free Honey and Raspberry Muffins.


Roasted pumpkin and haloumi salad

Achieving new goals with exercise

After many setbacks with injuries, Debbie decided to sign up for the RunWest 12km run with the assistance of her physiotherapist.

With the help of her Healthy Mummy consultant Caren, she created a training schedule.

This is a huge challenge as Debbie has never run more than 5km before.

Debbie says “I’m now running longer distances 3 days a week as part of my training including parkrun, swimming, boot camp as well as yoga weekly.

Exercising with friends really is so much more enjoyable.

I live in active wear…it’s comfy, my feet are most comfortable in my runners with my orthotics and there’s never an excuse to not get some kind of exercise in”.

No more excuses – just RESULTS

In discussing her journey Debbie says “I used to let my Hashimotos and zero metabolism be my excuse as to why I would slack off, but now I use that to motivate me to get off my butt!

I’m not at goal weight yet but I’m getting closer.”

You certainly are Debbie. The team at The Healthy Mummy are so proud of you and the progress you are making.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.  We know you are going to ace that 12km run.

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