Mum has a hot new ‘jeans’ body after losing 33kg in just 12 months

Ready to say goodbye to your tight jeans forever and go down several sizes? Mum Amy did, and now she stuns us with her results.
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Ready to say goodbye to your tight jeans forever and go down several sizes? Mum Amy did, and now she stuns us with her results.

She recently tried on her ‘old’ jeans for fun, after losing a whopping 33kgs in 12 months. And Wow! They are now swimming on her!

Check out her amazing body transformation and find out about the easy-to-follow healthy living program that helped her achieve these spectacular results.


How could anyone change so much?

Mum Amy is still in shock with the spectacular success she has had with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She says “I never thought (only hoped) I would be one of those women that could share their amazing transformations.

I would look at these women and be sceptical as to whether it was for real. Like seriously, how could anyone change so much?

Well I have proved to myself that it is entirely possible!

With some hard work, determination and with the amazing help of the Healthy Mummy Challenges, I can proudly show off what I have achieved!”

Amy’s weight loss results – 33kg in 12 months

120 kilos – 87 kilos (33 kilo loss)
April 2018 – April 2019

“The Healthy Mummy program has been a life saver”.

Shocked about how easy it was to follow the plan, Amy says “The Healthy Mummy has been a life saver.

I was in the dark about health and had no idea how I needed to take care of my body.

I remember the doctor telling me “you need to eat healthy and exercise”… easier said than done I thought!

And that’s where The Health Mummy helped”.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge gives members access to 4,000 recipes, 4 weekly meal plans, 350 exercises, workout videos plus 24/7 support.

Using different muscles and keeping active

Staying active has been an important part of Amy’s journey. She likes to do a wide range of exercises and says “I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App workouts”.

Amy attends two exercise classes (one toning class and Zumba) and says “I also love boxing and weights. I do Parkrun every Saturday and I love to go for walks”.


Amy knows it is important to shake up her exercise routine and keep her body moving so that she is using different muscles.

Preparation is key to weight loss success

During her weight loss journey, Amy has discovered the benefit of being prepared.

Recently she made her own movie snacks. Now, that’s what we call ‘being prepared’.


She says “Tomorrow I will be hitting the cinema to watch the new Avengers movie (yes I’m a HUGE Marvel fan!).

As we know the cinema can be a tempting place! With the buttery popcorn, choc tops and soft drink, but this healthy mummy is going prepared!

So today I set about to prepare some movie snacks

– Air popped popcorn
– Dark chocolate coated Almonds
– Dark chocolate coated pretzels (some with Hemp seeds)
– Pretzel and hemp seed clusters

(Note: I won’t be having all of these tomorrow. Seeing as it is quite time consuming, I made them in bulk).

My plan is to make up a little mix with plain and chocolate coated nuts and pretzels.

I will also be bringing my water bottle with me.

It’s a long 3 hour movie, so I’m determined not to binge out on junk!”


A simplified lifestyle and healthy eating plan

Amy says “This lifestyle has simplified everything and not only helped with physical changes but also my mental/emotional health as well.

I am a healthy mummy for life and I’m so excited to see how far I can go!

I got my life back when I signed up. I invested in me and it felt so empowering to realise I am worth the hard work and time. I am important. I am worthy.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and willing to learn new things, I highly recommend signing up to the challenges. It’s time to put yourself first!

Determination, courage and persistence will get you there

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App gives you the tools you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s up to you to embrace it and to put the effort in”.

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Amy for sharing her incredible results with us.




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