Mum loses 43kg in 14 months, beats her anxiety and finds a new lease for life

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14 months ago, Michelle Anderson was a very different person.

The mum-of-three reveals she was at her heaviest, weighing 118.3kg, feeling severely depressed and anxious.

But the brave mama has since battled her demons and lost an incredible 43kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


Michelle reveals she disliked the way she looked and didn’t want to leave her home in fear of being judged.

I hated the way I looked and felt. I was not the best partner or mother,” she admits. “Which made me even more depressed, feeling like my family deserved better.

“I struggled mentally but also physically, I could barely walk to the letter box without struggling.”

Michelle reveals she came across The Healthy Mummy and watched quietly on our private facebook support group for a few months, purchased the Smoothies and also signed up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


“I no longer recognise the person in the before photos, yet I remember her so clearly,” she says. “She hated her life, so she made a change. Then she kept making them and now she lives and breathes The Healthy Mummy.”

Michelle had recently completed her 14th 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is not looking back!

“I am 43kg lighter and have lost 80cm all over my body,” she says. “I no longer have depression at all. It was all linked to my weight.


“When I started putting myself first, it got easier. I did not have mother’s guilty because I knew that I was doing it for me, but also for my family.”

Michelle adds: “I’ve gone from wanting to give up on life to living life to the fullest. As much as you may feel there isn’t a way back, I promise there is. I owe so much to The Healthy Mummy.”

We’re so glad you’re feeling great within yourself, Michelle! You look fantastic.

Michelle and Rhian

Michelle has also come to Sydney for a Healthy Mummy photoshoot and her transformation is AMAZING! She also LOVES our NEW Busy Mum’s Guide To Weight Loss Book that is now available in all bookstores and Kmart, Big W and Target

Michelle book

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