Mum of 5 loses over 8 kilos and 47 cms in just over 9 weeks and is LOVING her new lifestyle

By using the Healthy Mummy app to plan and record all her meals, water intake and exercise has seen Kylie stay in control and drop 8.3 kilos!
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Wow! Kylie has embraced her new Healthy Mummy lifestyle as part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is blown away by her results.

By using the Healthy Mummy app to plan and record all her meals, water intake and exercise has seen Kylie stay in control and drop 8.3 kilos!

Find out about how she did it below

Kylie’s Weight Loss Story

Kylie Melville O’Connel is a busy mum to five children. Two boys aged, 19 & 18 and three girls 13yrs and almost 7 year old identical twin girls.

After her twins were born 7 years ago, Kylie reveals that she had put on around 30 kilos.

“This was not something I planned on doing but being a stay at home mum for 5 years after I had them I just found myself not really doing anything other than looking after the girls & what needed to be done around the house. I wasn’t interested in doing anything really, you might say it was due to anxiety & a bit of depression.”

Only a few months ago, Kylie saw a post on Facebook for The Healthy Mummy.

“It was a really good price that was too good to pass up. I was so fed up with being the size I was & not having any energy when I saw the Healthy Mummy post I thought “Right, that’s it time for me to do something about it.” So I joined up.

Best decision I’ve made in a long time!”

The timing was perfect as a new Healthy Mummy 12 week challenge was also starting which gave Kylie that extra bit of support and accountability.

In just 9.5 weeks of starting her journey, Kylie has gone from 106.9kg – 98.3kg! She has currently lost 8.3kg & 47cm gone from my body

“My mental health is so good right now and I know it is because of the healthy mind set I now have since joining up with Healthy Mummy!”

Kylie admits that before she joined the Healthy Mummy, she didn’t do any form of exercise, but is now walking everyday and doing workouts from the Healthy Mummy app 4-5 times a week.

“I feel so much better since starting my Healthy Mummy journey and have so much more energy and determination to help me get to where I want to be. I used to be in a pretty dark place with my mental health but now what I see is light and positivity.”

Kylie is using the Healthy Mummy app to plan and record her meals, water and intake and has gone from drinking 2 litres of Pepsi Max every day to drinking at least 2 litres of water daily.

“I like doing the work outs from the app – No equipment work outs, Take 10 and 28 days stronger beginner work out. I also have made up my own work out doing a number of exercises from the different work outs.”

Kylie’s Top 3 tips

  1. Do this for you!
  2. Don’t look at this as a diet but as a new lifestyle that will help you get to where you want to be & you can still enjoy everything in moderation.
  3. Decide what your goals are & go & get them!!

“You can achieve anything you put your mind to. I am living and loving my new Healthy Mummy lifestyle!”

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