Mum lost 22kg and now feels like a better role model to her son

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Like many of us, this mum admits that she gained a lot of weight throughout her pregnancy with her son. However, she didn’t really realise how much weight she had gained until he was born.

Jessica reveals at first she felt she wasn’t ready to start her weight loss journey. She admitted to feeling nervous, self-conscious and anxious at the thought of starting.

So she began with two Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day.

After losing 10 kilograms in just two months by sipping on these nutritious drinks, Jessica decided she was ready to go further with her health and fitness. That’s when she joined The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Jessica Jones before and after

Taking the leap

Now Jessica is 22kg down, 1kg away from her goal of 55kg and happier than ever.

Jessica did struggle to take the first leap, which we all know is the biggest and hardest but the most detrimental to change.

“I definitely self doubted and lacked confidence, I’d talk myself out of something because I had a fear of failing and that I wouldn’t give myself the chance to succeed,” she says.

Jessica overcame her fear by telling herself that she has a beautiful son who watches her EVERY move and that she wanted to be a good example to him.

“What empowers me is my son each and everyday I feel so lucky to be his mum, I am so thankful and want to be the best mama bear that I can be to give him a full happy life, a life that I will always be right beside him and not on the sidelines,” she says.

Meal plan

Jessica found a lot of her success through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal plans and the ability to customise them. 

She says, “I loved the fact that you could chop and change and customise your meal plan, sometimes I would change lunch to a smoothie or find another meal with the same amount of calories but something I had already had ingredients for which saved me tremendously on our grocery bill.”

Buying Healthy Mummy recipe staples in bulk is another way Jessica saves, things like meat, wholemeal flours, chia seeds, oats and cocoa. 

Chia seed lover? Try this yummy recipe.

5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Chia Seed Bliss Balls

Jessica now goes to 3 gym classes a week to help tone up her body and build on her strength. She does boxing, pilates and rowing. 

She also completes The Healthy Mummy exercises of Dance Fit, TABATA and muscle separation videos as she suffered from this during her pregnancy. A few months with a physiotherapist doing reformer pilates and other exercises helped Jessica with her separated abs postpartum.

“I have always loved the exercising part I have just gained a lot more confidence in myself at the gym,” Jessica adds.

Meal prepping

Jessica gives herself one day a week to meal prep.

“I usually like to do the week ahead, and when I make a recipe I like to make in bulk, even in a triple batch or times it by 4 or 5 so that if I have a huge day at work or running around all day I don’t have to worry about dinner,” she says. 

The other way Jessica meal preps is to get her vegetables ready by cutting, peeling, slicing, dicing, grating, and even steaming a couple days’ worth so it’s ready.

The Healthy Mummy has also changed Jessica’s family life and her husband is now more active too.

Jessica says her son is an extremely fussy eater.  She tried The Healthy Mummy Kids Chocolate Smoothie to make sure he’s getting enough vitamins and guess what, he loves it!

It is now a part of their morning routine! “We have a smoothie together and it is a great way for me to sneak fruit and veg into him without him knowing,” Jessica says. 

Kids Chocolate Smoothie

Speaking of smoothies, Jessica used to eat chocolate everyday. Now, when the chocolate craving comes she makes a chocolate mood boosting smoothie or bakes delicious Healthy Mummy desserts.


Jessica’s biggest achievement, other than losing the weight, is learning how to fuel her body in a healthy way.

Before The Healthy Mummy she had tried diets and they didn’t work as she had to deprive herself of things like rice, bread and certain carbs.

“I found this unrealistic and unattainable for me, I would eat way to much of it in the end and with The Healthy Mummy I can have my cake and eat it too (chocolate lava cake to be exact),” Jessica said.

Jessica says this has been so much more than a weight loss journey for her, it has helped her find herself, love herself and accept herself!

“There is nothing more important to me then my family, I would do anything for them, BUT I’ve learnt it’s okay to want time out, it’s okay to make time for me and work on me because I am important too,” she concludes.

Make time for you and start the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and take on your fears just like Jessica did.

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