Mum now medication free since losing 18 kilos and overcoming depression

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Losing weight can have a huge impact on your mental health and self-confidence as Mum Belinda has discovered since joining the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Mum of three Belinda has turned her life around with a new healthy eating and exercise regime and has not only lost 18 kilos, she’s also overcome depression and is now no longer taking anti-depressants.

Read Belinda’s Incredible Weight Loss Story below.

Belinda’s Story

Belinda Hedley shares that whilst she’s always been a curvy woman, her weight skyrocketed past 100 kilos following the birth of her first child 10 years ago.

Determined to shift the extra weight, Belinda managed to lose 15 kilos but with two more babies to come, she was unable to keep the weight off.

Belinda says, “I didn’t know how to maintain the weight loss during my second pregnancy so I  put most of it back on in 2015, and then eighteen months later with my third and last pregnancy in 2017 which led to me putting all the weight back on“.

Overweight and unhappy, Belinda was diagnosed with depression following her third pregnancy.

I ate poorly, mostly processed foods, McDonald’s and other take away. I skipped meals too and didn’t drink any water. I found myself not wanting to get out of bed, I was physically present but mentally I was in my own little hole.”

With her mental health at an all-time low, Belinda knew she needed to make a change for the sake of her physical and mental health.

I look back now and think it was the pressure of having two babies in the space of eighteen months plus gaining back all that weight I’d worked so hard to lose. I finally decided to make changes for the better.”

Those changes involved joining The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Belinda hasn’t looked back since.

Belinda’s Weight Loss Results

Belinda is now well on her way to reaching her weight loss goal. She is 18 kilos down, and while she still has 20 kilos to go she’s more determined than ever to get there. With support from the Healthy Mummy Community, using The Healthy Mummy App, and having Healthy Mummy Smoothies, Belinda has all the tools on hand to achieve those results.

Belinda shares, “It’s taken a long time yes and I still have 20kgs to lose but I have kept it off and that’s all thanks to the Healthy Mummy!

The community and the support from all of those mums is astonishing! I couldn’t have done it by myself, yes I had once before but thought I had to be strict with what I put in my mouth to keep the weight off. “

“I soon learnt with The Healthy Mummy that wasn’t the case. The education that is given throughout your journey when it comes to nutrition and fitness is amazing! It teaches you that you can still enjoy eating the foods you love by making healthier choices.”

Belinda is getting the most from The Healthy Mummy App by using it to track her meals and water intake.

“I’m drinking 2 litres of water every day and sticking to a healthy 1500 cal meal plan in the Healthy Mummy App. I use the App every day to track my meals and exercise. By making better and healthier choices is how I’ve  managed to get to where I am today.”

No more Antidepressants

The changes that Belinda has made to her lifestyle, particularly in regard to her exercise plan has had a hugely positive impact on her mental health.

I try and aim for a 4-5 day workout regime which consists of cardio and bodyweight workouts. Exercise is a big game-changer for my mental health which I can now say I’m no longer taking anti-depressants!

I’ve come such a long way since the birth of my last child weighing in at 98kgs and today I’m now 79.8kgs. It hasn’t been easy with lots of stopping and starting but slow progress is better than nothing with more success at keeping it off in the long term. Thank you Healthy Mummy!


Thank you Belinda for sharing your amazing results with us!!!

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