Losing just 15kg can have a HUGE IMPACT on your body and mind. Just ask this mum.

Mum Nicola might not have reached her weight loss goal in time for her holiday, but that's perfectly ok with her. She has never felt better.
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15kg weight loss in five months may not seem like a huge number to some, but as mum Nicola Pilkington has discovered, the impact it can have on your mental and physical state is ENORMOUS.

She says “I am able to run a short distance, I now have collar bones, I’ve dropped a couple of sizes in clothes and not shopping in the ‘big girl section’ anymore“.

Standing tall and proud, her confidence shines through.  Nicola shares her weight loss journey below.


Sad and depressed before her weight loss journey

When Nicola first posted her weight loss goal on the Healthy Mummy online support group she had reached a point where she was fed up with feeling depressed about her body.

Looking back Nicola says “So who remembers my incredibly sad and depressing post at the beginning of the year?

I expressed how unhealthy I felt physically and mentally and I had a goal to lose 25kgs before I went away for our holiday in June.

Well, I’m 3 days away from heading off, and I’m extremely excited to say I DIDN’T reach my major goal.

Weight loss results

I didn’t lose a massive 25kgs. However, I have lost 15kgs and I’ve slimmed down majorly in all areas

From 109.6kgs down to 94.5kgs”.


In addition to preparing delicious, healthy meals from the free recipes on The Healthy Mummy website such as sweet potato lasagnerice paper rolls and veggie packed sausage rolls.

Nicola says one of the key factors in her weight loss was cutting out high sugar, high fat snacks after dinner, such as lollies, chips and chocolate.


Thankfully with The Healthy Mummy you can have your dessert and eat it too.  Choose from hundreds of delicious guilt free desserts and snacks by signing up to our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I’m beyond happy with my results in 5 months”

Nicola admits that she isn’t perfect when it comes to eating well and exercising however when she does slip she quickly gets back on track and keeps going.  And the changes to her body are evident. 

Although the number on Nicola’s scales haven’t changed in the past 2 months she says “I’m not even upset about it.

You can see in my face how bloody proud I am. How confident I am to show you all my success even though I didn’t reach my massive goal.

I’m able to run for a short distance, I now have collar bones, I’ve dropped a couple of sizes in clothes and not shopping in the ‘big girl section ‘ anymore.

Overall I’m beyond happy with my results in 5 months”.


“My waist line is so much smaller. I can fit into my clothes so much better. Looking forward to losing my tummy and hips!”


In addition to the noticeable changes in Nicole’s body her face has dramatically slimmed down too.

She says “My face has been the biggest indicator for me. I’m amazed!.

Thank you Healthy Mummy for giving me the confidence to post these photos.

To be honest, when I first posted my before photos, I still didn’t believe in myself and this is why I’m so happy with my lifestyle change so far”.

The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group


Nicole is extremely grateful for the encouragement she has received from The Healthy Mummy Online Support Group and credits that support for her weight loss success.

She says “This group of ladies has contributed to my weight loss journey majorly and I couldn’t thank you all enough!

A lot of women in this group have inspired me. So if I can inspire one person, I’ll be extremely proud.

I’m feeling so much better about myself and I love the confidence I have now!”.

Congratulations Nicole and thank you for inspiring others. The Healthy Mummy team are so proud of you and know that you will be smashing your weight loss goals very soon. And in the mean time we love hearing about the confidence you have gained and the changes that you are enjoying from your weight loss. You’ve got this!

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