Mum sheds tears of joy after losing 40kg with The Healthy Mummy

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Losing weight is like freeing yourself of extra baggage and for many mums, this can be an emotional experience (in the best possible way).

Single mum-of-three, Kerry Sky Douglas, has not only lost a MASSIVE 40kg, her health has improved so much that she no longer needs any medication.

She shares her weight loss journey below and the emotions that come with reaching such an HUGE milestone.


Life and health before discovering The Healthy Mummy

Kerry says “I am a single mum to three amazing kids. A 13 year old daughter with Aspergers, 11 year old mini me and my 5 year old cyclone son”.

When Kerry first discovered The Healthy Mummy she weighed 110kg and her health was in a tailspin.

She says “I wanted to lose weight but I had health problems through the roof”.

In addition to being diagnosed coeliac and dairy intolerant she also had peptic ulcers and says her thyroid, gall bladder and endometriosis were taking their toll on her body and mental state.

Kerry says “I don’t like to admit, but I was severely depressed. I was a mess”.

Getting started with The Healthy Mummy

Seeing a photo of herself on Christmas Day 2017 (and noticing how big she had become) was the motivation Kerry needed to make a big change.

She says “I stayed at my sisters for New Years. I woke up at sunrise and started walking. I walked 3km and was so proud but it also wore me out”.

Determined to be a better mother and role model, Kerry signed up to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges on 1 January 2018.

She says “I had been sitting on the fence for about 6 months watching all the amazing transformations and wishing it was me”.

After taking the leap Kerry says “I haven’t looked back”.

When Kerry first began following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges 16 months ago she set herself a weight loss goal of 45kg in 18 months.

Now at 16 months in, she is well on her way to smashing this goal.


Weight loss results – 40kg and down 4 dress sizes

In just 16 months Kerry has reached a HUGE milestone – 40kg Weight Loss and down 4 dress sizes

From Size 18+ and weighing 110kg

Down to Size 10 and weighing 70kg


“I have tears I actually did it”

On reaching this HUGE milestone Kerry says “I have tears I actually did it!

It’s been an amazingly rewarding journey over the last 16 months and I am so proud I hardly recognise myself.

It is absolutely mind blowing what taking care of yourself and making YOURSELF a PRIORITY can do”.

And what’s even better is that Kerry’s health has improved dramatically too.

How Kerry lost the weight

She says “No meds AT ALL NOW. Working out (usually walking 3kg before 9.00am most days) and clean eating (choosing from thousands of recipes from The Healthy Mummy Challenge recipe hub) is my medicine and honestly it’s all I needed.

Feeling extremely proud and want to share my secret.

It’s being a healthy mummy – pure and simple.

I can’t recomend this lifestyle enough.

And you know what? My kids are happy because Mum is happy”.

Look at how much weight Kerry lost in bags of sugar!


Kerry says “I had so many laughs trying to do this! I could not hold them all.

I can’t BELIEVE I used to carry this around.

It’s not a fad or something I want to ever change.

I absolutely love being a Healthy Mummy mum.  The 1000’s of meals and all the workouts are something that I won’t ever give up.

Don’t sit on the fence like I did. My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier”.

Well done Kerry! You look FANTASTIC and we know you are going to smash your 45kg weight loss goal in no time.

The Healthy Mummy team are so proud of Kerry for not only losing 40kg, but dramatically improving her mental and physical health in the process.

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