Mum who lost 9.5kg proves that a bad week doesn’t mean failure

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This mum who has lost 9.5kg, tells us why a bad week doesn’t mean failure and doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. And preparation has lot to do with it!

Allexe has been a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member for 6 months and is LOVING everything about it! Plus her results are amazing, physically and mentally!

Allexe Dombroski before and after

A bad eating week is NOT the end of the world!

With an 11 month gap between photos, Allexe started her journey weighing 65.5kg and now weighs 56kg with over 80cm gone. And she credits preparation as key!

Allexe relaxed her diet and routine slightly when her daughter fell sick and she wasn’t prepared.

Instead of immediately sinking, Allexe adopted a positive attitude and remembered what a great path she had been on before.

“Lucky I had a fabulous week last week and everything was on point and I’m feeling amazing, because the last 2 weeks before it had been SHOCKING,” she said.

A bad week or two most certainly doesn’t destroy your hard work, it’s what you do afterwards that counts!

“Those two weeks of bad choices definitely DID NOT wreck all my hard work,” she adds.

Allexe’s tips for getting back on track

1. Use meal prep

Meal prepping made Allexe accountable and prepared so she had no room to slip up.

2. Plan your exercise in advance

She also made sure she booked her bootcamp classes so she couldn’t back out and had no excuse to miss out on her workouts.

3. Lead by example

Healthy Mummy consultants

Posting on her consultant page also helped as she had to practice what she preached. If you’re interested in becoming a Healthy Mummy Consultant, click here!

4. Change your mindset

Allexe says to not wallow in what has been, pick yourself up and start again!

“Even though my daughter isn’t 100%, I knew that I had to get myself back on track. I was really down when I wasn’t looking after myself so my mental health was my main drive to get back to it.”

5. Find your motivation

Allexe finds that her kids drive her to stay motivated.

“They are what push me to get where I want to be! I also use my before and after pictures and I never want to be the person I was!” she says.

So what you can take from Allexe’s story is that it actually doesn’t matter if you have a few bad days, what truly matters is what you do afterwards.

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