Mum, wife and CEO of global business – how I manage it

Mum, wife and CEO – and in that order.

Is is stressful? Y.E.S.

Is it full on? Y.E.S?

Do I ever have a day off? N.O

Did I ever think it would be like this? N.O!

How do I do it all? I HAVE NO IDEA!!

Is is worth is? YES!!

When I started The Healthy Mummy Business over 10 years ago I had NO IDEA it would turn out as BIG as it is today!

I left my corporate job of 12 years to start my own business that I was passionate about.

That business was The Healthy Mummy. A business that I started on my own after selling my house and investing every single dollar I had into creating a supporting and empowering community of mums to help mums lose weight in a healthy way after having children.

But never did I imagine that it would take off as it has and that it would resonate with so many millions of mums – not just in Australia but worldwide!

We have 100,000’s of mums using our products every day and are in the UK and in the US

So for me life has NEVER BEEN BUSIER!!

And I am always asked how I do it.

How do I manage the juggle?

How do I be a mum still?

How do I be a wife still?

How do I have time for exercise?

How do fit it all in?

So here are my answers as I get asked these questions a lot!!

Firstly – my family are number 1. Life is short. It goes fast and I appreciate that so much. I make it my priority to be around for them as much as I possibly can.

Rhian Family Pic

I am there for play dates. I am there for as many school drop offs and pick ups during the week as I can.

I spend all my spare time with them and I never let them feel that my work takes over. I also talk to them about my work and get them involved where I can so they don’t resent it when I have to do early morning work.

I fit my work around my family. I get up SUPER early. Most mornings I am up at 5.00am and I get 1 and a half hours of work on and half an hour of exercise in before my kids and hubby are up and everyone needs feeding!

Rhian and kids

I start work after school starts and work like a speed demon with back to back meetings until the kids are home in the afternoon.

I also work after my kids go to bed so I get stuff done without it impacting them. And me and my hubby make sure we make time for each other too

I should also say my husband is a Saint. We both work so well together as husband and wife, as business parters and as parents – which helps immensely when things are so busy every single day.

When I have TV shoots, photoshoots or media interviews this adds extra chaos to my life and things can get pretty CRAZY then as I have to be at all different places at different times and the MADNESS is taken to a different level.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 3.14.19 pm

rhian allen angela bishop denise scott bun in the oven bake studio 10

Staying sane

I have an enormous amount of responsibility on me. I am a mum of 2 boys. A wife. I employ over 150 people (mostly mums and 99% women). 100,000’s of mums use and trust our our products and advice every single day and I only ever want to deliver the best products and service to them.

We are one of the fastest growing business’ and we have new products in development and launching every month. I have a lot on my shoulders.

Rhian meal prep

I am exhausted most days and life is a daily juggling act but I do feel a real sense of achievement with what we are doing as a business.

Everything we do is from a grass roots perspective and building our community and TRUST with a customer first approach is how we run the business and it feels soooo good to know that we are positively impacting the health of so many mums every single day and that I am able to do something really meaningful with my life.

I also love to be able to create a positive work environment for so many people and have so many other mums be part of The Healthy Mummy business that has now become such a big part of so many mums lives.

How I manage

For me it is about balance. I have to eat well and exercise and not take on too much.

I have also learned to say no to things. If I take on too much the stress becomes way too much and I will crumble and I have learned to know my own limitations.

I also am very aware that if I am not around enough for my family I start to feel VERY guilty as my family mean everything to me and I want to spend as much time with them as I possibly can and for me it is a non stop juggling act of managing the business, my own health, their school and development and somewhere in there having some time for me too!

How do I fit it all in?

By accepting I will never fit it all in!! I have endless to do lists. I write new ones every day.

But I accept that I never get through them all. And that’s ok. I just prioritise and get through what I can. And what I can’t do moves on to tomorrow’s list. I don’t stress about what can’t be done as what I learnt LOOOOONG ago is that it will never be all be done!

Rhian white jacket

So I don’t stress the small stuff. I just work very very hard and I never stop building but I do switch off at the end of the day and say that’s it for the day and stop to appreciate the things that to me are the most important things in my life – which is my family.

The most important thing is being happy and we are only here for a short amount of time so I make sure I love what I do and try to do it the best way I can without sacrificing my precious time with my family

What am I proud of?

I am exceptionally proud and humbled every day at how The Healthy Mummy business positively changes so many mums and families lives.

I get blown away with the results that mums share and I feel so lucky to be able to do something positive with my life.

I also feel incredibly lucky that the media recognises what we do and I am so fortunate that myself and the business receives so much coverage on TV and in the press and it was incredible to have been in Stella Magazine too!

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