These mums have lost over 130kgs combined and are loving their new life!

These mums have lost over 130 kgs combined by following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and are loving their new life
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The Healthy Mummy loves to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful mothers who have been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge with amazing results!

These mums have not only seen amazing results on the scales, but they have also gained a new lease on life and a new found confidence!

Tegan Palmar has lost 26 kg

tegan palmer

Tegan says, “The photo on the right is when my son was 5 months old, I’m not 100% sure how much I weighed then, I think about 95 kg. And then I joined The Healthy Mummy.”

“It’s a lifestyle change I always want to have in my life, it’s so amazing and the food is delicious. I love that when I’m craving something I can search it in the hub and have a healthy and seriously delicious alternative.” 

“The photo on the left is me now weighing 75.5kg, 500g shy of my first goal of getting to 75 kg before Xmas. Once I reach this goal I want to get to 70kg while toning my trouble areas, my legs and stomach. I WANT THIGH GAPS.” 

“Before joining, I had other shakes and limited my food intake as I thought that’s how I was going to lose weight quicker, but in reality, I was losing weight in an unhealthy way, The Healthy Mummy has taught me that I actually need to eat food, food that’s filling healthy and nutritious!

Mafiza Nisha has lost 19 kgs

mofisha nisha

Mafiza says, “73.7kg to 54.6kg in just over 7 months following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and using the smoothies. Size 14 (L or XL) to size 6-8 (XS).”

“Goal weight achieved and beaten thanks to The Healthy Mummy and it’s forever supportive and motivating community.” 

Tiffanni Alridge has lost 35 kgs

tiffany alridge

“I feel so good and so, so much healthier than I did just over a year ago, this took time and a lot of self-motivation. But I got there.” 

Sam Barker has lost 22 kgs

sam hendley
Sam says, “If I’m being 100% honest I haven’t been looking after my health as well as I could have been the past two months, particularly when it comes to food.”
“I know this is because emotionally I haven’t been feeling the best, and I can see the lack of consistency in some areas of my body.”
“But there are still achievements to celebrate! I ran my fastest half marathon time two weeks ago (2.07), I entered and have started training for my next ultra running event next year, and yesterday I walked into Cotton On after seeing a dress I liked and it fit so nicely!”
“I could never have shopped there two years ago! There’s no way in the world I’d be willingly entering a 50km trail run!”“Time to start focusing on food properly again, and get back to where I was two months ago after a 22kg loss! This afternoon I’m opening my 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app and making a good plan for success!”

Belinda Hedley has lost 17 kgs


Belinda Hedley transformation

Belinda says, “I still have 22 more kilos to lose and a long way to go before I’m strong and fit but I’m making progress despite how slow it is.”

“Every day I remind myself how far I’ve come and that I should be proud of myself for losing 17kgs so far no matter what the time frame is!” 

“98kgs I started at after having two children in the space of 18mths.”

“I now weigh 81kgs.”

Jinjamarda Blue has lost 15 kgs

Jin Blue (1)

Jinjamarda says, “Over 22 months, 15kgs and 116cms gone from my body is something I’ll always be proud of.”

“But what some number on a tape measure and set of scales can’t tell me is the differences you see in the photos. That genuine smile and happiness, the confidence, the strength but also the dedication, perseverance, consistency and motivation, that drive for pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and smashing my goals!”

“All through my Healthy Mummy journey on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, through the meal plans and the exercises in the app along with my daily smoothies, super greens and the metabolism support tablets, I’ve been able to conquer more than just weight loss, anxiety and depression and the effects my under-active thyroid has on my body, I’ve been able to regain myself!”

Well done ladies on your amazing achievements

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