The verdict is in! See what these mums say about The Healthy Mummy SKIN Pink Clay Mask

Our mums have tried The Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask and they are loving it! Read some of their feedback to decide for yourself if you should treat yourself.
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There is nothing better than relaxing with the magic of skin care doing its important work after a busy day!

Kicking your feet back, soaking in a warm bath or simply lazing in front of the TV with a gorgeous mask detoxifying your face as you relax, is like heaven in a tub!

This is where The Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask comes into play. It has been created to refine texture, brighten and enhance skin clarity, and leave you looking luminous and hydrated, all while you relax.

Having our mask on feels a lot like having a hot towel on your face to draw out blackheads and impurities.

Our Healthy Mummy community mums have tried the mask and have given us their verdict.

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Trying out The Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask for the first time

“Your skin fees so soft and beautiful after it.”

helen chaplin clay mask

Helen Chaplin tried out the mask for the first time. “It is fabulous, smells amazing, that little tingle when drying!” she says.

Helen finds it so easy to pop on.  She leaves it on for 10 minutes and then experiences the softest skin.

Your skin fees so soft and beautiful after it. Love it!”

We love it too! Thanks, Helen. And what a difference it has made on your skin!

“I would swim in that little pink jar of heaven if I could!”

anna kaufman mask collage

Anna Kaufman loves the mask and has already seen positive results. She cannot wait for more Healthy Mummy SKIN products!

“Another amazing product from The Healthy Mummy,” Anna says.

“I just can’t find words to describe it!

I suffer from underactive thyroid so my skin is always dry and red, after using The Healthy Mummy Australian PINK CLAY MASK twice this week, my skin is smooth, fresh and definitely less dry!

I would swim in that little pink jar of heaven if I could! 

The SKIN Pink Clay Mask is my new best friend! Can’t wait for more skin products from The Healthy Mummy.”

Neither can we! Thanks, Anna!

“I will definitely be ordering more!”

michelle knight masks

Michelle Knight said she would give a continued review of The Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask and that is exactly what she has done and with very positive results!

“I decided to treat my daughter as well… great way to celebrate us surviving another school year.

Her words and I quote ‘the smell is relaxing’ 

Rhian Allen, you may have just won Kristy over! 

I’m certainly a big fan already. 

I will definitely be ordering more!”

What a great end of year present, Michelle! I’m sure she loved it just as much as you!

It’s a family affair

eleanor hannah masks

Eleanor Hannah gave all her children a very special treat, and they loved it!

“Mother-daughter Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Masks!

I love that Healthy Mummy SKIN is suitable for not only me but my 13-year-old daughter 

OMG, I NEED MORE OF THIS! It makes my skin feel so good!”

Your children look so happy being spoilt with a splurge of the mask! Thanks Eleanor!

“Looks perfect in my room”

robyn jurd mask

Robyn Jurd loves everything about The Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask, even the packaging! In fact, she loves it so much, she puts it on display in her room!

“So pretty and looks perfect in my room,” she says.

It sure does! Thanks, Robyn!

“This definitely will be added to my Wednesday and Sunday self-care days”

nicole louise mccelland

Nicole Louise McClelland’s Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask arrived, and she is so excited!

“Eeeek! I got my NEW pink clay mask from the HEALTHY MUMMY SKIN RANGE!

So I decided to try it out. Well, I am in love!

This definitely will be added to my Wednesday and Sunday self-care days (yes I schedule them in).”

What a great beauty and self-care routine you have, Nicole and we are so happy you love the clay mask so much!

Jamie asked important questions from the other mums in the community

jamie sullivan (1)

Jamie Sullivan tried The Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask and loved it!

She asked our Healthy Mummy community mums some very important questions.

  • “How many times a week use do you recommend for the four-week promise?
  • And do you use serums and moisturiser after the mask or are the ingredients in mask enough for that night?”

The community replied:

  • “Three times a week 
  • Moisturise after” 

Thank you, Jamie – those are important questions!

“Feels and smells lovely!”

erin roberts mask

Erin Roberts has an after shot of her skin looking much fresher!

“Woot! Trying the new Skin Pink Clay Mask! Feels and smells lovely!”

Your skin certainly does look fresher after using The Healthy Mummy Australian Pink Clay Mask!

“My skin feels AMAZING”

sam reeve

Shell Reeve couldn’t wait to open the package and give her new Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask a go.

“EKKKKK my new Healthy Mummy Pink Clay Mask has arrived today and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. 

My skin feels AMAZING – so fresh and smooth can’t wait to see how great it feels in a couple of weeks! I’m in LOVE!”

We are looking forward to hearing all about it! Thanks, Shell!

“Spoil yourself and grab some”

sam geeves

Sam Geeves tried her new Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask with than her sister.

“It smells and feels AMAZING! Spoil yourself and grab some to put under the tree.”

“I have super sensitive skin and it now feels so soft and fresh with no sign of a reaction at all.”

Thank you so much for all of your feedback, it is very important to us. We are so happy and excited that you are all noticing amazing results from our product!

Are you ready to get your Healthy Mummy SKIN Australian Pink Clay Mask?

anna kaufman masks

Our Australian Pink Clay Mask DETOXIFIESBRIGHTENSHYDRATES and PURIFIES. The mask has been specifically formulated for Mums and puts the health and vitality back into your skin. It’s also pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly.

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN to visibly improve skin smoothness after 4 weeks
  • ACTIVE thermal ingredients to open pores and draw out impurities
  • Native Australian Bush QUANDONG with potent properties that reduce redness and pigmentation
  • UNIQUE Ingredients which| Detoxify | Brighten | Hydrate | Purify


Order your Australian Pink Clay Mask here.


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