This mum changed her eating habits and is 2kg off her goal weight

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For 3 months Lauren has been on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and her results are already showing.

Having first joined and then pulling out due to not being fully committed, Lauren now is in it for the long haul and is going at it full force with only 2kg until she reaches her 60kg goal.

Lauren Aston


Lauren’s formula

Lauren began her exercise journey by doing the beginners workouts in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App with short daily walks until she felt strong enough to join a gym.

Everyone is different and different workouts work for different people. Try the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and customise an exercise plan just for you.

“The biggest thing that has helped me, is the diet change.”
Following the recipes to a T, Lauren makes big batches and freezes them, so she doesn’t have the temptation of eating quick and easy bad meals.
Try some of these easy meals to whip up when you just can’t be asked. Yummy AND healthy!
Lauren says, “I make the snacks so I have something handy when I have sweet cravings. I love the recipe hub!”
Lauren Aston-2
How does she keep her motivation up? Lauren checks in with The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group daily for the support and motivation, “I don’t know what I’d do without the ladies on there!”
If you are inspired by Lauren’s success and want to start your own weight loss journey – consider the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as your go to.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge combines the weekly meal plans with daily exercise programs and workout videos. The best part about these workouts is that expensive gym equipment is not required. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App allows you to access these exercises anytime, anywhere which means you can literally perform all of these exercises from your very own lounge room.

Home to 4,000 plus recipes (including gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options), over 350 time-efficient exercises for busy mums and NEW Challenge themes each month – means you can start your weight loss journey WITHOUT the fear of getting bored, eating the same food and performing the same old work outs over and over.

december challenge

Our January Challenge is our DETOX AND SHRED Challenge – which is PERFECT as it comes just after Christmas were many of us are guilty of indulging a little too much.

January is also a great time to make some awesome health resolutions and take action.

The January 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is designed to help rid your body of toxins and start toning up.

To either learn more about our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and or sign up for the January Challenge click HERE.


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