New Healthy Mummy Protein Powder flavour!!!

The Healthy Mummy Protein Powder will have a new flavour added to the range!!!! Along with Vanilla and Chocolate, Healthy Mummy Protein will be available in CHOC FUDGE flavour!!! 
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The Healthy Mummy Protein Powder will have a new flavour added to the range!!!! Along with Vanilla and Chocolate, Healthy Mummy Protein will be available in CHOC FUDGE flavour!!!

We are so excited to launch the Healthy Mummy Choc Fudge Protein powder which is now available on Preorder.

Mums in our community LOVE our Healthy Mummy Protein.  Mum Samara says, “The Healthy Mummy Protein Powder is the smoothest, most delicious protein I’ve ever tasted! It keeps me full and keeps me going through my day”.

Protein and fat shredding

Having protein incorporated into your meal plans is pivotal for shredding fat!

Protein is an essential macronutrient that we basically cannot live without, and can be incorporated into many meals.

This is how you can use protein for shredding fat and losing weight.

protein pancakes

3 main benefits of protein for weight loss

  1. Eating adequate protein coming from food fuels fat burning, while preserving lean muscle – i.e you won’t be “skinny fat” when you lose weight – you will look lean and toned.
  2. Protein keeps you fuller for longer – and that means there will be less chance of snacking on sugary foods that go straight to your thighs.
  3. Your body uses the amino acids in protein to build lean muscle, which makes you stronger and also burns calories even when you are not active.

Protein Powder

The Healthy Mummy Protein Powder is a simple and effective protein powder, great to consume post-workout or as a snack (on its own or to be used when cooking/baking) to assist with tissue repair, muscle growth and muscle maintenance.

What’s more, our chocolate protein powder is FREE from saturated fatty acids and is low in sodium (which is great – as a diet low in sodium is good for reducing blood pressure).

Mums LOVE Healthy Mummy Protein

The Healthy Mummy Protein powder is really popular in the Healthy Mummy community. Mums love it!

Nikola says, “If you haven’t had the chocolate protein powder you really are missing out! It’s sooo good! If you love the drinking chocolate you will love this!!!! I love it after a workout and it is the perfect snack! I also add it to baking like in muffins or pancakes too.” 

Read more about Nikola’s Weight Loss story here! 

Helen says, I love my Healthy Mummy Protein Powder! I chuck it in my shaker and just top up with water after my workout anywhere! Helps that fatigue feeling with a cardio workout and a delicious way to have my protein without the nasties or full of sugar. I couldn’t live without it NOW! My Collagen goes in there too.”

Tegan says, “I love the chocolate protein powder, especially after working out because I’m usually hungry when I’m finished! The powder tastes so chocolatey sweet and doesn’t taste artificial. It’s a great way to refuel my body and recharge my muscle groups.

Need some ideas? Check out how these mums use our whey protein powder!

Chocolate Protein 3_preview

Get your Choc Fudge Protein Powder HERE!!!

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28 day weight loss challenge

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