2023 Weight Loss: How To Tell If You’ll Succeed Or Fail

What are your resolutions for 2023? Boost your motivation and results. Activities proven to help you lose weight and keep it off.
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Today is the start of a new year and the PERFECT time to lose some weight and improve your health for 2023! But what if we told you how to predict if you’ll succeed or fail? Interested? We’re sharing our secrets.

Knowing what will help you succeed in your weight loss goals is essential. Check out these tips to make 2017 YOUR year for SUCCESS!

Knowing what will help you succeed in your weight loss goals is essential. Check out these tips to make this YOUR year for SUCCESS!

6 Secrets To Weight Loss Success

1. Eat Real Food

Learning new eating habits that involve REAL food will help you succeed in the long run. While pre-packaged meal programs might seem like an easy answer, once you stop buying the food you’ll be on your own.

The Healthy Mummy’s focus is on real food made easy for real mums with real lives. All the recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge are easy to prepare and are made using healthy whole foods. Just what your body needs.

2. Make It Easy

Planning ahead is a key factor to success when it comes to healthy eating. The better you’ve planned for the week ahead the less likely you are to make poor food choices.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge makes it SO EASY to get organised and plan ahead. You can use the pre-prepared meal plans with shopping lists or select thousands of recipes in the recipe hub.

There is even an app to keep you organised and on track.

3. Stay Active

A healthy lifestyle is about more than just food. You need to get your body moving. Not only will exercise help you achieve your weight-loss goals it will give you energy, clear your mind and help you stay on track.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge includes daily exercises that are quick and easy to do at home without any fancy equipment. You can even use the app to guide you through and record your progress.


4. Take Measurements

When you are trying to lose weight, it’s common to put a lot of focus on the number on the scales. The reality is that a time will come when the scales will move less than you’d like, or even worse, they’ll move in the wrong direction!

Those who’ve achieved great success in weight loss tell us that measurements are essential for staying motivated. Even when the scales don’t move your measurements (& progress photos) will tell the true story of your success.

Read how the amazing Kellie lost 6 DRESS SIZES and only 6 kilos – WHICH PROVES the scales can be deceptive!


5. Join A Supportive Community

One of the fabulous and unique things about the Healthy Mummy program is the incredible community that backs it. If you haven’t already joined one of the FREE Facebook groups, you need to get onto it NOW.

Community support is key to weight loss. It will help you stay motivated, inspire you and keep you on track.

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If you have overindulged over Christmas and want some tips for losing belly fat, check out these 5 Delicious Fat Busting Smoothie Recipes or order your Healthy Mummy Meal Replacement Smoothies today.

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