Boost Your Weight Loss With These 5 Fat Busting Smoothies

If you want to push your weight loss efforts into a higher gear, be sure to add these five Healthy Mummy Smoothies to your meal plan.

We recommend you use a healthy milk of choice in your smoothies

weight loss smoothie

With key ingredients like baby spinach, chia seeds, almonds and coconut, they’re all designed to help you eat well, feel great and lose weight in a safe and healthy way.

1. Super Green Smoothie

Yoghurt, avocado, kiwi fruit and baby spinach are all great ingredients to assist with your weight loss efforts.

These will help fill you up and keep you satisfied so that you won’t be reaching for a snack right after breakfast.

super green smoothie

Recipe here

2. Craving Buster Smoothie  

When cravings strike, reach for this healthy option instead of the less-than-healthy chocolate bars or sweets.

Packed with healthy ingredients and full of fibre, this smoothie will fill you up with berries and chocolatey goodness.

craving buster smoothie

Recipe here

3. Belly Fat Blast Smoothie

Here’s a smoothie with ingredients specifically designed to target tummy fat. Grapefruit can reduce insulin levels, which will help your body process food more quickly and efficiently.

This means that you burn more calories and store less fat in your mid-section. The Greek yoghurt, berries and chia seeds also play a big part in this healthy recipe.

Belly Fat Blaster Smoothie

Recipe here  

4. Superfood Coconut and Almond Smoothie

Almonds are a great addition to your smoothie – they are high in protein and full of Vitamin E.

Coconut consists of medium-chain-fatty-acids which can help to speed up metabolism – because it is easily absorbed by the body and converted into energy. Give your morning a boost!

Oat Almond Pear Honey Smoothie

Recipe here

5. Cellulite Reducing Smoothie

As mums we’re always multi-tasking, so why not demand the same from your smoothie? This berry-filled creation tastes great, will keep you satisfied, PLUS it reduces cellulite!

With just 4 ingredients you’ll have your smoothie prepared in no time.


Recipe here

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written by:

Lee Price

Lee is a mother of two children who loves writing, the beach, cooking, and drinking coffee. She lives on the south coast of NSW and can usually be found pushing her kids on the swing at the local park.