Nicola has lost 45kg in ONE year! ‘I feel BETTER than EVER!’

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A family photograph was a turning point in this mum’s life.

Instead of looking at the snap with fondness, Nicola Oates reveals she was horrified at what she saw. She didn’t recognise herself at all, she had put on more weight than she realised.

But that photo not only helped spur the mum-of-two to lose 45kg in ONE year by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, it’s also helped make her feel happier and more energetic since.

To celebrate Nicola’s incredible weight loss success, we’ve named her as one of the winners in our amazing Healthy Mummy Weight Loss Mums of the Year for 2017 – winning herself $500. Congratulations Nicola!

Nicola Oates and family
This photo changed Nicola’s life.

How Nicola started her journey

Nicola, 36, reveals she’s gone from 122.2kg down to 77kg after seeing that photograph in December 2016 and she says she feels less tired than she used to.

“Before I started my Healthy Mummy journey, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I was constantly tired and would struggle to stay awake throughout the day,” she says.

“I would have daily sleeps when my children did and I was a chronic snorer. It was majorly impacting my health and potentially my lifestyle as my doctor was recommending I shouldn’t drive as my diagnosis was so severe!”

Nicola before and after

The Queensland-based mum says at her heaviest, she was taking Zantac for heartburn on a daily basis as she was extremely uncomfortable.

The mum-of-two says she realised it was time to do something and lose the weight. She then discovered The Healthy Mummy via the Facebook support groups.

Nicola is a HUGE fan of meal prep

Nicola says that it wasn’t just her weight that has changed in the last three months, but her whole perspective on food.

“Rather than eating for comfort or because of boredom, food is fuel for my body to be at its best. I enjoy walking with my family and being a positive role model for my children, who look forward to our daily exercises,” she says.

“With help from the recipes on the website and ebooks, this has been the easiest and best thing I have ever done for my health and wellbeing.”

Nicola new before and after

How The Healthy Mummy has helped support Nicola

Nicola says The Healthy Mummy has helped change her life, and she feels encouraged and supported.

“It’s helped me nail meal prep, having a community of women to rely on for support,” she says.

“The biggest way The Healthy Mummy has changed my life is the constant encouragement and support of our wonderful community.

“I have my very own support squad of women who celebrate my success with me and encourage me to continue on my journey and motivate me every day.”

nicola running

How The Healthy Mummy has changed Nicola’s family life

Nicola says her new lifestyle has had a FANTASTIC impact on her family.

“My husband is involved and between us we are setting healthy examples for our two children and teaching them the values of good health, nutrition and exercise,” she says.

“We are active parents and enjoy being active with our children. We are regular attendees of our local park run and our four-year-old daughter has recently completed her first park run.

“Since I have lost weight and improved my fitness, I am healthier and happier. My children now have a mum who can run around with them and is no longer so tired.”

nicola running 2

Nicola’s top tips for new members

Nicola best advice is to start your journey with small and realistic changes that you know you can do easily.

“Whether it’s increasing your water intake, increasing your exercise or preparing your meals and snacks, find what works within your lifestyle and make your changes which you know you’ll be able to maintain,” she says.

“Find exercises you enjoy doing, get your body moving – this should never feel like a chore or you’ll be less inclined to do it.”

Nicola also recommends taking photos – before and after.

“I would shy away from the camera and didn’t take many photos when I started my journey. If only I knew then how much my body would change and how proud I would be of my effort, those photos are invaluable.”

nicola new

Nicola says START TODAY!

The mum-of-two says before she started her weight loss journey she was full of doubt.

“My first weight loss goal was to lose 10kg because I was so scared of failure. I didn’t even know if 10kg was possible,” she adds.

“I am now at a 45kg loss and aiming for a total loss of 50kg. It won’t happen overnight but I am motivated to continue my journey and am willing to work hard to achieve my goal.”

For more information on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – watch the video below. Sign up to the Challenge here.

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