Perfect ways to REUSE your empty Healthy Mummy Smoothie Containers!

Our Mums in the Healthy Mummy Community have shared some FANTASTIC ways to reuse the Healthy Mummy Smoothie tubs.
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Our Mums in the Healthy Mummy Community are a savvy bunch and have shared some FANTASTIC ways to reuse the Healthy Mummy Smoothie tubs.

These tubs are way too good to throw out, and can be used in a heap of different ways around the home. The Smoothie Range comes with tubs which are different shapes and sizes, including clear plastic, tins and white plastic so you can be as creative as you like with your labelling.

Ideas for Reusing Smoothie Tubs

Letisha Hanson uses hers to store cashew nuts.

She says ‘Found the perfect way to reuse my Healthy Mummy containers’

Melanie Philips says ‘I knew I’d been hoarding my empty premium smoothie containers for a reason!’

‘Our caravan now has its own set of canisters so I no longer have to keep carting food backwards and forwards from the house to the van when we go away.

Pasta, wholemeal flours and oats in these ones, these containers are WAY too good to throw away!’

And they don’t have to stay in the kitchen either! Sascha’ Jones son uses it for all his bits and pieces.

She says  ‘My toddler uses them to store all the random junk he collects.’

Selena Lodge likes to store any opened packets in her empty containers.

She says ‘Once a packet gets opened into a container it goes.’

Mums also warned not to put the clear plastic tubs in the dishwasher as they shrink!

Flip Mckinnon had an amazing hack for reusing the Original Smoothie range tubs. The self-confessed recycle-lover and former teacher got creative and crafty and redesigned her smoothie tubs into pantry staple containers.

Flip reorganised her whole pantry using the containers for rolled oats, quinoa, chia seeds, couscous, oat bran, almond meal, rice, flour, lentils, nuts, sugar and cacao in tubs.

Natasha shared, “These are only some of my empty tubs. I like to reuse them as containers for my healthy goodies. I do need a bigger cupboard but I’ll work with what I have. “

Other ideas from the Healthy Mummy community include:

  • Coffee pods
  • Lego
  • Craft supplies – Reusing them to store kids’ pencils and textas
  • Store girls’ hair bands
  • Store spare board game parts or dice
  • In the shed for nails, screws, and spare parts
  • Moneybox for all that loose change
  • Growing herbs
  • Pantry essentials – flour, sugar, cereal etc
  • Crafty creations with the kids
  • Lost bits and pieces
  • Store your Healthy Mummy snacks/treats


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